Leonor Silva

Published: 13.10.2022


Leonor Silva is a Contemporary Jewellery Designer, with the jewellery manufacturer puncture of the Portuguese Mint. Takes inspiration from her social worries, to design and create innovative and contemporary pieces that carry a strong message not only for those who wear them but also directed to those that merely observe. Her love for jewellery drifts from the times where in excavations she was dazzled by artifacts. "Since the beginning of times adornments are worn by mankind. It is transversal to our existence". Since 2016, and after a degree in Author Jewellery, in Centro de Joalharia de Lisboa, the designer allies traditional methods and techiniques to a creative interpretation of life, generating jewellery hits.


I like to read what surrounds us. A piece of jewellery does not have to be beautiful or sexy, it has to be critical, it has to be an interpretation, a point of view. Each piece must send a clear message and have a bond with the time from which it was created. If a piece doesn´t have history, there is no content or emotional connection. Through jewellery pieces you can imagine everyday stories and figure out emotions of those who wear them. 

My work also appeals to irony and good humor, thats why the “Survival Kit Collection” was inspired on daily objects, re-inventing them in a sharp creative way, reminding women of their power.
I imagined myself studying and making eternal objects through jewellery pieces you can imagine everyday stories and figure out emotions of those who wear them.

Eat me if you can – Luxury Food 
A collection inspired by the refinement and sophistication of Luxury food that transports us to the universe of luxury at the table, anywhere in the world, as if it were a trip.
Created to mark special moments and exclusive ones, it is a limited edition collection, where the color, the volumetry 
and the paradox do not leave anyone indifferent.

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Fair  05 May 2018 - 06 May 2018  Autor 2018.
Meeting  15 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017  London Fashion Week.

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Book:  Growth & Evolution International Jewellery Exhibition. Sun, HermanChina Modern Publishing House Limited:  Hong Kong,  2020