Leonor Silva

Published: 11.07.2019
Leonor Silva. Pendant: Oh…My God!!!, 2019. Sterling silver with gold plated, fabric.. 4.5 x 9.5 cm. Photo by: Ricardo Lamy. From series: Oh…My God!!!. A passionate vision of the female universe.. Leonor Silva
Pendant: Oh…My God!!!, 2019
Sterling silver with gold plated, fabric.
4.5 x 9.5 cm
Photo by: Ricardo Lamy
From series: Oh…My God!!!
A passionate vision of the female universe.

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Leonor Silva is a Contemporary Jewellery Designer, with the jewellery manufacturer puncture of the Portuguese Mint. Takes inspiration from her social worries, to design and create innovative and contemporary pieces that carry a strong message not only for those who wear them but also directed to those that merely observe. Her love for jewellery drifts from the times where in excavations she was dazzled by artifacts. "Since the beginning of times adornments are worn by mankind. It is transversal to our existence". Since 2016, and after a degree in Author Jewellery, in Centro de Joalharia de Lisboa, the designer allies traditional methods and techiniques to a creative interpretation of life, generating jewellery hits.