Lingxiao Zhang

Published: 06.11.2020

I have been studying Jewellery Design for almost five years. And I am studying at Birmingham City University now. This subject changed me a lot from a layman to the person who can express the feeling and emotion without obstacles. Jewellery Design is not only a simple subject of art but also a subject of a combination of philosophy and science. Sometimes, this subject helps me to comprehend many phenomena about society and the world, which brings me enough capacity to apperceive something detailed that other people cannot find. From my perspective, I am convinced that it is a unique subject which cannot be replaced by other art forms. Until now, Jewellery Design influences my life imperceptibly. It encourages me to explore more beauty of the world, to tackle and solve the complicated or corrupt issues about society.
Organ Evolution: 
This project is titled“Organ Evolution”. The primary purpose is to express that the existing state and function of human organs cannot resist the invasions of harmful substances(mainly includes toxic solid-liquid gases and diseases that cannot be cured). Focusing on the various odours I have encountered in the comprehensive material experiments and taking Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as the theoretical basis. It continues to develop towards diversification based on evolution theory. In the future, humans can evolve a special kind of organ that can “purify” harmful substances into beneficial substances for the human body. Or it can completely block toxic substances out of the body and let humans be free from invasive, poisonous substances, thus achieving the ultimate goal of protecting the human body from suffering from the pain.

The project used the term “Solid-Liquid” as the theme and allows the two states to coexist in the same piece of jewellery. It mainly uses the physical properties of “Gallium” and other media to make Gallium flow freely in the liquid state with a strong dynamic feeling and to let it have a strong solid block-surface feeling in the solid-state. This makes this work display in different forms in a different season. It is “seasonal jewellery”. I also used the external structure to make Gallium more mouldable and controllable.

This project is themed on Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response(ASMR), which is a new word used to describe perception. It is characterized by a visual, hearing, tactile or olfactory stimulus that produces a unique and pleasing sensation in the brain, scalp, back or other areas of the body. This work mainly takes the form of “hearing”. By producing sound, three kinds of jewellery devices that can be vocalized were created, which can give a comfortable and stimulating feeling to the human skull scalp. With the different shaking frequencies of the device and human bodies or with changes in the external medium, it produces different frequencies and loudness. 

El Nino Phenomenon: 
The massive death of natural creatures is not caused by human activities. The natural world also has some special phenomenon to carry out “self-purification”. This work takes the El Nino Phenomenon as an example to show the feature of natural “self-purification”. Although these phenomena are peculiar cases, they are an indispensable part of nature. This work has a different perspective from the previous points of calling for humans to protect the environment. It does not directly criticize from the perspective of human beings, but instead appeals from the perspective of “victims”-the perspective of “nature”. I use this work to show the devastating strikes brought to the natural creatures by these phenomena. From the perspective of nature, this work calls on people to protect and cherish biodiversity, rather than directly criticize people from the perspective of human beings, so as to integrate with human beings, to supplement each other and to make nature become a part of ourselves.

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