Lis Haddad

Published: 23.06.2021

Lis Haddad is jeweler, designer and visual artist & researches the body-object relationship, the dialogue between artist and material, manual practices and decolonizing design. Since 2017 she has been sharing her time between Brazil and Asia working as teacher and artist. Among her works stand out the coordination of the Jewelry and Foundation department of Arch College of Design & Business (IN); development and mentoring of the creative processes workshop 'A Joia Expandida' (BR), & individual art jewelry exhibition 'A pele é o mais profundo' (BR).


Jewelry enchants me because of its ability to affect us in all its dimensions: thinking, making, dressing, and seeing the object on the body. My work proposes to bring to intimacy subjects from political and social spheres, often looked at from some distance. In shaping and bringing to surface deep values, I invite each one to reflect on individual responsibilities and the notion of interconnection.

The everyday digging
The series proposes to expose social and environmental consequences of mineral extraction processes, inviting reflection: 'what do I decide to finance in the world with my daily choices?' A call to look beyond the surface. Nothing is just what the eyes see.

Under/on skin
Jewels made with pictures of my family's women and pieces of heritage jewelry. An investigation about the layers that compose me and how my questions and ideas about life, feminism, and patriarchy are the links with my ancestors but also my freedom.

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Meeting  03 Dec 2020 - 21 Dec 2020  Brazil Jewelry Week 2020.

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