Nao Mizutani

Published: 03.08.2020
Nao Mizutani Nao Mizutani


Nao Mizutani is a jewellery designer based in Tokyo, Japan and graduated in the Metal Carving Department of Craft Tokyo University of the Arts. After graduating, she worked for a jewelry company and is now she is the professor assistant at the university. She has held numerous exhibitions and received prizes. She cherishes the sense of Japanese aesthetic and creates work with respect for the strength and sadness in nature.


I believe that jewellery has the power to encourage people, enrich their spirits, and make them happy when wearing one. Only one is merely a silver wire. However, it shines by a gather. Its brilliance is evanescent beauty, it is light and delicate. I have to cherish the sense of Japanese aesthetics. I hope that people pick up my jewelry to find themselves smiling and warming their hearts.

Using a 0.26mm-0.8mm silver wire, giving the appearance of a sparkle of light. Fleetingly beautiful and at times intimidating, capturing the moments of hand-made innovation, designed as a culmination of human emotions.

Crystallization of Happiness~Timeless~
Inspired by the powerful moment of experiencing the Earth's rotation through viewing Foucault's Pendulum.

Crystallization of Happiness~A hint of Nature~
Created with respect for the strength and sadness in nature. Combining years of culture and history, inspired by the beauty and delicacy in the art of jewelry.

Crystallization of Happiness~Nature interrupted ~
Utilizing the oxidation process of a burner, representing the strength of a woman's core.

Assembled while brazing using silver wire of 0.3mm-0.8mm. An original tool for that purpose is made and brazing is possible. Making tools is very important. The tip of the silver wire is melted one by one with a welder and polished.

In order to enhance the expression of the silver wire, we are researching coloring by baking it with black oxide and then baking titanium oxide and patina. I value the expression of burner work such as brazing, melting expression of the metal, coloring by baking, and oxide film.


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Exhibition  03 Jul 2021 - 07 Aug 2021  ObjecTalks. Japanese Contemporary Metal Craft Exhibition.