Nicolas Estrada

Published: 20.11.2018
Nicolas Estrada. Necklace: Blood, 15 stabs, Shooting and Massacre, 2003. Silver, gold.. Photo by: Sebastian Peinado. Nicolas Estrada
Necklace: Blood, 15 stabs, Shooting and Massacre, 2003
Silver, gold.
Photo by: Sebastian Peinado
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Having left Colombia for Barcelona to work in marketing, Nicolas Estrada's career path took a dramatic turn that led him to the Escola Massana. There he first encountered the world of jewellery, discovering in it a galaxy of expressiveness replete with infinite possibilities. A relentless researcher, his curiosity and passion for jewellery has taken him all over the world. Guided by a sense of balance and refinement, Nicolas has pursued diverse courses of study ranging from gemmology, setting and carving techniques, as well as research and work in traditional Berber Kabyle jewellery and filigree techniques from Colombia, culminating in a master's degree in Gemstone Cutting and Jewellery Design at the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Idar-Oberstein, in Germany.

Nicolas is the author of five books on jewellery that have been published by Promopress in several languages and distributed worldwide: New Rings; New Earrings, New Necklaces, and a revised and updated edition of his first book on rings, which was co-published by Thames & Hudson. And most recently, Brooches – 400 Contemporary Jewellery Designs, published in 2018.