Nicole Baert

Published: 23.02.2021
Nicole Baert Nicole Baert

Nicole Baert was born in Belgium, Flanders where she lives and works. She studied art school in Gent, followed by a graphic and a textile education. For the last 20 years she designs exclusive hats and accessories. Her background as a painter, a graphic artist and a millener has an impact on the way she designs contemporary jewellery.


BLÅ is the name of a collection of contemporary jewellery in the broadest sense. You can wear a unique piece of the BLÅ collection as a jewel or you can enjoy a  “one of a kind object “ in your living environment.

Found objects can be the inspiration for new forms but can also be readymades. The interaction between structures, forms, materials, and fibers creates a certain tension.

The addition of ultramarine blue pigment accentuates the monumental character and is also the signature of this collection.
The color ultramarine blue is a well-considered choice. The pigments are made of the semi-precious stone Lapis Lazuli. It refers to jewellery in its classical form.

In the future collections, I might also use other blue pigments but this first collection is focused on the brightness and beauty of ultramarine blue. The shade can vary very slightly, depending on the technique and the surface used when creating the objects and jewellery.

Bleu, blue, blau, blauw... I prefer BLÅ the danish word as I am a Denmark lover.
My background as a painter, a graphic artist, and a milliner certainly has an impact on the way I deal with this new challenge. As I have no education as a jewel designer, I have the freedom to discover the possibilities as well as the limitations of materials. I see this as an advantage in the making process. I hope you enjoy every unique piece of the BLÅ collection.

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