Noon Passama

Published: 07.04.2014
Noon Passama. Necklace: Bold Curl, 2016. Platinum-plated silver, rigid clay.. ø14 cm. Unique piece. Noon Passama
Necklace: Bold Curl, 2016
Platinum-plated silver, rigid clay.
ø14 cm
Unique piece

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Noon Passama, born and educated in Thailand, moved to the Netherlands in 2007, where she graduated in Jewellery Design from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2010. She won both the Rietveld Prize from the academy and Marzee Prize of Galerie Marzee in Nijmegen. Right after her graduation, Passama had her solo presentation at the opening of Galerie Ra’s new space. Besides her own work, she collaborates with other creatives. Her recent collaboration with fashion designers of Capara won the EmergingArtist Award 2012 granted by the Art Jewelery Forum.