Nuo Jiang

Published: 30.08.2021


Nuo Jiang is a Chinese contemporary jewelry and multi-media artist based in New York City and Guangzhou, China. She is the founder and curator of Artists Living Room Brooklyn & Guangzhou. Nuo majors in Jewelry and Metalsmithing under the Fine Arts Department at Pratt Institute. Her works have been exhibited widely, including in New York City, Milano, and Romanian Jewelry Week. 


My art comes through the poetry of imperfection and incompleteness in our world. I create my works in search of a sense of belonging. I believe there are opportunities for us to rejuvenate the lost ones by using creativity. There are always feelings, emotions, and things that are too precious but also too easy to be left behind. By making art jewelry, I explore and preserve the lost and hidden ones behind our fleeting world. 

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Exhibition  16 Nov 2021 - 21 Nov 2021  Meditating Through Jewelry at New York City Jewelry Week 2021.
Exhibition  18 Oct 2021 - 28 Oct 2021  Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition 2021.
Exhibition  01 Oct 2021 - 03 Oct 2021  Milano Jewelry Week 2021.
Fair  30 Sep 2021 - 03 Oct 2021  Romanian Jewelry Week 2021.
Fair  30 Sep 2021 - 03 Oct 2021  Romanian Jewelry Week 2.0.
Exhibition  22 May 2021 - 05 Jun 2021  Artists Living Room Exchange Exhibition.