Patricia Iglesias

Published: 18.08.2021


Patricia Iglesias is a jewelry artist, who lives and works in Punta Arenas, Chile. She was trained in Technical Drawing and Interior and Equipment Design, she has completed Diplomas in Interior Design and Visual Arts. She learned goldsmithing in her hometown and has expanded her studies in jewelry and object creation workshops in Santiago de Chile. The artist is an active member and part of the Board of the Joya Brava Association and a member of the Fundación Artística de Chile, Brújula-Art. Her pieces have been presented in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and Poland.


I work with my environment and my own history, I build objects that evoke the concept of self-generation of protection, which comes from the desire to find a lair in the face of so much immensity -the pampas of Patagonia.
I mostly use wefts woven and sewn with fibers and threads, using techniques usually reserved for the female sphere within the domestic space and invented from the imagination and memory of family experiences, evoking that "handmade" world, ancestral, and that disappears little by little, in an increasingly industrial and globalized world.
I take the fabrics beyond their original function to re-signify it and connect with my roots, my work speaks of a memory that recognizes the past. I elaborate plots to build objects deconstructing the fabric, rebelling against the idea of ​​“gender role”. I build pieces/objects made in a non-traditional way to convey their emotional message. I call for the participation of the viewer, body, and piece to establish a certain relationship, to carry these objects you have to be an accomplice, connect with their poetics.


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Exhibition  01 Dec 2022 - 04 Dec 2022  Sustain the Uncertainty at Brazil Jewelry Week 2022.
Exhibition  26 Nov 2022 - 07 Jan 2022  Battle of the Pins.
Exhibition  20 Aug 2022 - 21 Aug 2022  Sustain the Uncertainty.
Exhibition  03 Jun 2022 - 08 Jul 2022  Híbridos Salvajes.
Exhibition  20 Dec 2021 - 11 Feb 2022  Until Death Do Us Part.
Exhibition  17 Nov 2021 - 03 Dec 2021  Develando lo invisible / Unveiling the invisble.
Exhibition  27 Sep 2021 - 17 Oct 2021  Sostener la Incertidumbre. Sustain the Uncertainty.
Exhibition  25 Sep 2021 - 14 Oct 2021  Latin American Poetics.
Exhibition  22 Sep 2021 - 24 Oct 2021  Interiors. A Joya Brava Exhibition.
Exhibition  10 Sep 2021 - 29 Sep 2021  Híbridos Salvajes.
Exhibition  30 Jul 2021 - 03 Sep 2021  This Is Not a Jewel.
Exhibition  01 Mar 2021 - 31 Mar 2021  My Territory, My Identity by Patricia Iglesias.
Lectures  16 Dec 2020 - 19 Dec 2020  A Brave Decade.
Meeting  03 Dec 2020 - 21 Dec 2020  Brazil Jewelry Week 2020.
Exhibition  14 Mar 2019 - 17 Mar 2019  Interiors: A Joya Brava exhibition at Munich Jewellery Week 2019..