Paula Isola

Published: 25.01.2022


Paula Isola is an Argentine artist and cultural manager who strives to broaden the Argentine public's perspective on contemporary jewellery through her participation in the organisation of the Latin American Biennials of Contemporary Jewellery. She is a specialist in the production of critical texts and the media dissemination of art at the National University of the Arts. Paula Isola also belongs to the Fwiya group and the Caracú group, with whom she exhibits her work as an accomplished jewellery designer.
Having studied Industrial Design at the University of BA, and drawing, printmaking and photography at L' École Supérieure d' Arts Visuels, Switzerland, she is well averse to creative endeavours. Paula began 2006 Paula studying contemporary jewellery and she embarked 2015 on studying ‘PAC -Contemporary Artistic Practices’ at the Gachi Prieto Gallery. 



In 2006, I discovered jewelry and it has ever since become my passion. I find in the world of jewelry a place that brings together varied aspects of art and design, and is this combination what attracts me the most. The counterpoint between imagination and ergonomic possibilities becomes a piece of expression that can be carried around, that is portable.

Thorough part of my career I have worked with pieces of wood and found-sought objects with the idea of re-contextualize its natural or cultural elements that have fallen in disuse along the way. Pieces of wood in which time and water have left a mark, of old wire fences, of almost unrecognizable furniture; family photographs, old items left in drawers. They all become jewels that work like bridges, evoking something that moves us: Narrative pieces with stories that combine the object’s own story with the new images that arise from the new composition. All that is imperceptible and about to be lost comes back and change its course to become a new narrative.

My most recent work, on the other hand, was developed around words: Words of others but, who owns the words? They were there before we were born and they would still be here when we are gone. Nevertheless we make them ours. They are our creation, our permanent construction: Old, new, ordinary, obscure; they float within reach for us to grab them. In every single moment of time someone is building the world with words, reinventing it.

I have always been attracted by words. I love to underline, to cut, to write, to copy, to paste. Everything that is written and said around me is leaving its imprint on my work. For the work “The Lover” I have taken actual pages from a book that I love: Marguerite Duras' “The Lover”. The pages dismember themselves, the texts flow and mix: new readings arise through the new form.

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Exhibiton  09 Apr 2022 - 26 Jun 2022  From the studio, there is something that needs to be told, Joyeros Argentinos, Sarmiento Museum, Cuba 2079, CABA, Argentina.
Exhibition  09 Mar 2022 - 30 Apr 2022  Abran cancha at the Costume History Museum, Chile 832, CABA, Argentina.
Exhibition co-organized with Laura Giusti in the framework of the III Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelry
Exhibition  09 Mar 2022 - 30 Apr 2022  Cabinet of curiosities, Fwiya Collective at the Costume History Museum , Chile 832 CABA, Argentina.
Exhibition  25 Sep 2021 - 14 Oct 2021  Latin American Poetics.
Exhibition  15 Mar 2021 - 15 Apr 2021  Women's Day / 8M.
Exhibition  26 Nov 2020 - 26 Dec 2020  From the Workshop, There is Something that Needs to be Told.
Lectures  07 Jul 2020 - 07 Jul 2020  BravasXdentro ConeXiones Instagram Live Interviews: Paula Isola.
Exhibition  19 Mar 2020 - 24 Mar 2020  Tincal lab Challenge 2019: Jewelry and Anatomy at ROJW2020.
Exhibition  23 Nov 2019 - 15 Dec 2019  Travesías in Mercedes.
Exhibition  09 Nov 2019 - 31 Dec 2019  Tincal lab Challenge 2019: Jewelry and Anatomy.
Exhibition  04 May 2019 - 02 Jun 2019  Fabulaciones.
Exhibition  27 Oct 2018 - 03 Nov 2018  Travesías.
Exhibition  03 Oct 2017 - 28 Oct 2017  Messages: Jewellery Speaks.
Join us Tuesday, October 3 in the New York gallery for the artists’ reception to celebrate this group exhibition of jewelry that communicates – sometimes literally with text, words, and content – and often symbolically.
Exhibition  19 Aug 2017 - 09 Sep 2017  Espacios interticiales.
Exhibition  19 Aug 2017 - 09 Sep 2017  Interstitial spaces.
Fwiya group, Gallery Buenos Aires Sur, Bolívar 1268, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Exhibition  30 Jul 2015 - 20 Sep 2015  Figurations.
Exhibition  29 May 2015 - 26 Jun 2015  Ephemeral truths.
Exhibition  24 Apr 2015 - 31 Dec 2015  Impressions.
Exhibition  22 Feb 2013 - 28 Apr 2013  Think Twice: New Latin American Jewelery.
Exhibition  13 Oct 2010 - 08 Jan 2011  Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery.

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