Saadah Shehab

Published: 18.03.2021
Saadah Shehab. Ring: In Between, 2018. Plastic, brass, gemstone, gold leaf.. 5 x 7 cm. From series: In Between. Saadah Shehab
Ring: In Between, 2018
Plastic, brass, gemstone, gold leaf.
5 x 7 cm
From series: In Between
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Saadah is an artist/designer who lives and works in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. Graduated from Hiko Mizuno College in Tokyo, Japan in 2019, she has participated in some group exhibitions around the world. Her works are her identity and her true voice. She likes to express different concepts with her works by playing with colors and shapes, using untraditional materials such as plastic, foam, wood, and dry flower.