Sarra Tzijan

Published: 24.01.2022


Sarra Tzijan is an Indian/Australian artist originally from Naarm/Melbourne, now based in Tarndanya/Adelaide. Tzijan has completed a degree in Communication Design (RMIT) and an Advanced Diploma of Object and Jewellery Design (Melbourne Polytechnic). Following this, she was selected to undertake a two-year associateship at JamFactory in the metal studio where she’s currently a studio tenant. Tzijan is a studio-based artist working across jewellery, sculpture, and design.


I create wearable, functional and sculptural objects with a multi-disciplinary approach. My practice is focused on contemporary metalwork, the combination of traditional manual processes with modern art and design.
I often work collaboratively and encourage the influence of other hands and voices in my work. ‘Flow’ is an important aspect of the process, allowing for space, spontaneity and free play. My background in drawing and illustration continues to be influential. Physically I make objects, wearable, functional and sculptural. At the core of my work is hand skills, relationships and storytelling. My Indian heritage continues to provide an integral point of reference, informing my narrative and defining an authentic voice.

My practice has a foundation in contemporary metalwork, looking at the re-interpretation of ancient manual processes in the modern world. The objects I make span across jewellery, sculpture and design and I like to continually explore these intersections and boundaries. My approach is multi-disciplinary and collaborative, I encourage the influence of other hands and voices in my work. In a way I like to be reliant on external influences as it opens up new perspectives and unexpected outcomes. This approach to making also creates freedom and flexibility.
The concept of ‘Flow’ is important in my practice as it allows for spontaneity and free-play. Ultimately the work is about relationships, the energetic exchange from object-to-object, artist-to-artist and artist-to-object.

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Exhibition  13 Jan 2022 - 06 Feb 2022  Village Vessels by Sarra Tzijan.
Exhibition  01 Jan 2022 - 01 Feb 2022  Modern Dhokra .