Schneider-Rappel Goldschmiede

Published: 01.06.2021


Schneider-Rappel was established in 1875 in the heart of the Alps in Austria, and since then standing for the highest-quality art of gold-and silversmithing, constantly transforming and evolving, alive through the 4th and 5th generation, a father-daughter duo - Arno and Lea Schneider. Arno Schneider studied sculpturing at the Academy of applied art in Munich, Lea joined the business a few years ago coming from a background in media design and event organisation to top it off with the apprenticeship in the family’s atelier. Arno Schneider showed his art around the world, travelling from Vienna, to New York and Tokyo, where he found himself exhibiting annually for the past 30 years. Lea is well connected to European cities like Amsterdam, Paris, and Lisbon and creating her network bases in these fruitful destinations.


We would describe ourselves as an experimental, avant-garde, yet classical and traditional goldsmithing atelier creating mostly unique pieces and extraordinary commission work. Arno is reducing his designs to the minimum, in terms of simplicity and edgy geometrical shapes, without relinquishing complexity in all its forms. He loves to experiment with uncommon materials and combines them with rare precious metals and stones, addressing conscious individuals that are open to this dialogue with these creations and therefore also with him Milestones for us have been receiving the Austrian state award in the “jewellery made of precious metal” contest, being a finalist for the “diamonds-international-award 92”, participating in the jewellery at Expo’92 in Seville, and the ongoing relationship to Japan.

As a goldsmith and sculptor, designing in any form is fascinating for Arno Schneider A challenge - whether in sculpture, painting or jewelry. His versatile skills open up a wide field of artistic examination of forms, materials and techniques. He always sees the realization of his ideas as a tightrope walk between art and craft. He does not evaluate the difference between small scale work sculptures in the form of jewelry and sculptural objects in public spaces. On the contrary, for him these are the necessary areas of tension that drive him to think and act creatively.
The leitmotif “less is more” could be used to describe his art, an attempt to find the essence of the material and form itself through reduction and subtraction, leaving out superfluous elements, returning to basic geometric shapes, striving for peace and quiet, achieving depth that can take on a meditative character.
And like Arno his daughter Lea finds herself in the process of creation, immersing herself in the exploration of materials and its responses to her. Often an intuitive approach adds a more organic and fluid movement to her artworks, leaving space for the feminine to unfold. The edgy geometry of the square is confronted with intertwined knots and whirls or wavy shapes, that depict the journey of reflection on the self and life. Turning the inner world into a tangible object in the outer world, opening up to a continuous conversation, inviting different perspectives and thoughts, feelings to be felt and let go of. Making space, creating space, being. Thoughtful yet playful, conscious yet subconscious, finished yet the beginning.

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