Seulki Lee

Published: 04.08.2019


Seulki Lee is a contemporary jeweller living and working in Seoul, South Korea. She studied Industrial design at Kookmin University (2008-2012), then achieved her master degree of Metalwork and Jewelry at Kookmin University (2013-2016). Currently, she set up contemporary craft and design studio ‘Sangsang’ with designers and makers.


Algorithm series

The moment I gazed at the empty table waiting for dinner will not my own special experience. But I remember clearly. I remember an orange lighted chandelier shone on the clear table glass and the overlapped light made subtle patterns. As a child, It was a sacred ceremony for me that stare the patterns vacantly before the meal.
I have created endless stories by looking at complex shapes.

Stare is stillness but also makes use of imagination. The stare of Newton imagined the law of universal gravitation.
The dynamic eyes tell endless stories. Beyond the physical limit, the immovable stare moves lively.

Every story begins with the observation of things. Sometimes familiar things are also new when they look closer. Circuit, resistance, pipe ... is a link. I closely connect these link to create an algorithm. This plausible algorithm does not work because there is no result. But it imagines an interesting answer.

Shell series (Block series, Can series, Smile Series)

Such as machine, circuit board, plastic and stainless steel, the main materials that led the secondary and tertiary industries are now traditional and familiar to those who welcome the 4th industry. The semiconductors and circuitry, which are called cutting edge of technology, are ready to say goodbye in the Post-Digital Era. Plastic structures that dominate the mass production are also rapidly becoming lost by Ubiquitous Computing. I often encountered abandoned computer parts and plastic devices on the Cheonggyecheon road in Seoul. I think of their energetic movements that have forgotten and feel some strange nostalgia.

Vacuum Forming, which is an industrial production method, is mainly used to package almost all products from consumables such as batteries to electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones. The vacuum-formed plastic shell is discarded at the end of the mission as soon as the box is unpacked. We are only interested in the things in the shell.
What are the criteria for dividing the nucleus and the skin, the new and the old? 
Why is the plastic a new kernel before, now becoming an abandoned shell?
Block series, Can series and Smile series are shell series. Transparent skin and painted stainless steel overlap each other to create a new range of colors. The empty pieces may make you imagine something that would have been in it. But these colorful layers are interesting and joyful in and of themselves.

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Exhibition  17 Dec 2020 - 09 Jan 2021  Absolutely Abstract.
Exhibition  15 Nov 2019 - 30 Nov 2019  Evolution. 1st Wearable Art Exhibition.
Exhibition  01 Nov 2019 - 30 Nov 2019  See The Big From The Small.
Exhibition  31 Oct 2019 - 05 Nov 2019  Naughty Thoughts. Project Sang Sang by Studio Obok.
Exhibition  21 Apr 2019 - 05 May 2019  Block by Seulki Lee.
Workshop  19 Apr 2019 - 19 Apr 2019  Smile. A workshop and artist talk with Seulki Lee.
Award giving  16 Mar 2019 - 16 Mar 2019  BKV Prize 2019 Winners.
Exhibition  14 Mar 2019 - 13 Apr 2019  21 Grams in Munich.
Fair  23 May 2018 - 30 May 2018  Athens Jewelry Week 2018.
Exhibition  20 May 2017 - 28 May 2017  Becoming More Porous. Becoming More Craft-oriented.
Exhibition  24 Jul 2016 - 04 Sep 2016  Ubi TopYoung 2016.