Sinae Baik

Published: 13.01.2021


Sinae Baik is a South Korean jewelry artist. She graduated from Kookmin University with a master’s degree in metal jewelry design. She is currently a contemporary jewelry artist and an instructor at MJC College. And she is taking up the residency in Seoul Art Space Sindang. Her passion is working with the enamel method, the so-called Art of Fire. She makes jewelry with Cloisonné that makes anything visualized by drawing a picture with a metal wire. That’s why she falls in love with this technique. In her jewelry artist career, since 2009, she received many awards, one of them being the AUTOR Media Award at Collectiva Joalharia de Autor 2019.


It is no exaggeration to say that the enamel, so-called the Art of Fire, occupies a huge part of Jewelry history from ancient Egypt to the present. The enamel - its color is deeper than glass and it is complementing the color limits of the metal – had a lot of influence on my jewelry work. When I first learned about the enamel, I made jewelry using various techniques. But especially cloisonné was so fascinating to me because I could visualize the story by using the technique.
However, most people had a prejudice that cloisonné looks old and outdated. I was very sorry for the pessimistic reaction of those who do not know the history and merits of cloisonné. "How can I express my jewelry so that people can approach cloisonné easily?" was the beginning of my work.
The Byzantine-era cloisonné was made in Christian style. Christianity was the daily life of people at the time, and cloisonné, which contains the contents of Christian doctrine, was friendly to people. And it made me think of the motif of everyday life. Daily life is the space where I am now. It is familiar, so I thought it to be a subject that everyone can easily relate to. I thought this empathy could easily explain to people that cloisonné is not old.

I began to observe to express my daily life. At first, I observed from me and my friends to others. I filmed, recorded, and painted people. I wrote about my little daily life, which was nothing special, such as sleepless myself, one of my friends holding back tears, my mother writing a diary, and someone waiting for a friend on the street.

At first, I expressed only the outward appearance. But I wanted to express those feelings in more detail. It is very difficult to express one's feelings via jewelry. The advantage of cloisonné is that it can also express the line in detail. I tried to express things like the looks and language of their fingers with metal lines and capture them on my jewelry as much of the everyday expression and the emotion I could feel in them.
I started working at the height of the line higher than the enamel, hoping that the feeling would become more prominent in the expression of the line. I wanted to express our daily lives and emotions with lines, not just the role of metal lines to divide the color of enamel. So I used simple colors. The line seemed free from enamel.
A daily routine is one in which small pieces are gathered and completed, but it will never be completed. So my jewelry is the most atypical shape. This is because everyday life cannot be defined typically.
I tried to resolve these prejudice by forming a consensus by carving a part of our lives in cloisonné jewelry. Furthermore, I hope that people can look at their daily lives from a different perspective as they pass by casually in a busy modern society while appreciating the jewelry symbolizing their daily lives. I wish they could feel that every single day is full of novelty, though it seems to repeat itself every day.

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Exhibition  08 Sep 2021 - 26 Nov 2021  JEWELS ON SALE JOYA 2021.
Exhibition  23 Jun 2020 - 12 Jul 2020  Friedrich Becker Prize 2020 Exhibition.