Stanislava Grebenickova

Published: 13.04.2021
Stanislava Grebenickova Stanislava Grebenickova

Stanislava Grebenickova is a Czech glass artist working in jewelry and melted glass sculptures. At her work, she uses the material of flat glass and sometimes granite, serpentine, marble, and other semi-precious stones in combination with the glass to create three-dimensional objects at the two-dimensional area.
The shape of my brooches – mostly a square, a rhomboid, or a circle is for me a tiny screen where I can project my ideas.  I transpose them into architectural and geometrical forms in the area and create an illusionary space using colored opaque glass and natural stone textures. Some of them I create as a perfectly closed geometrical composition, the others I compose as a fragment of a large whole.

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Fair  11 Mar 2015 - 17 Mar 2015  Schmuck 2015.
Exhibition  11 Mar 2015 - 03 Apr 2015  Schnitt / Incision: Contemporary Czech Jewelry.
Exhibition  07 Sep 2006 - 29 Sep 2006  Rajske Ovoce / Fruits Of Eden.
Exhibition  07 Sep 2006 - 09 Oct 2006  First Salon.