Sultana Shamshi

Published: 29.11.2021
Sultana Shamshi Sultana Shamshi


She was born in India, grew up in Bombay and studied at the JJ School of Arts in Bombay after finishing school. The influence of growing up in this large, vibrant and multicultural new city has stayed with her always. It was being Indian plus some more. After finishing Art School, they travelled all over the world on ships of all kinds, her husband being in the merchant navy. They migrated to Perth in 1982, and subsequently left Perth to live in London, Cyprus, Singapore and Bangkok, and finally back in Perth now. Travel informs much of her work as does her growing up in an Indian/Islamic culture.


As a practitioner of contemporary jewellery I relish the easy crossover of craft into art and the licence it provides to use jewellery tropes and techniques to explore concepts beyond adornment.
Having worked with clay and fabric before I learnt silversmithing, I incorporate these disciplines in my work, as I do found objects, plastics and wood. I  have also learnt Lapidary work as Western Australia has the most incredible geology and I am fascinated with the rocks excavated here. I cut and carve my own stones, eschewing traditional faceting and cabochons.
My inspirations from the natural world are the greatest. The sadness I feel at the desecration of our habitat permeates into my pieces. As a child I pored over the glorious Mughal miniatures in the Museum in Bombay, marvelling at the foliage and trees painted with such exuberance and delicacy at the same time, their colours rich and true. I see now how my tree brooches have evolved from these landscapes.
In contrast to these Indian influences is the influence of the Australian landscape in my work too. The stones I work with reflect the landscapes as if the vast skies and endless horizons were miniaturised in the small frames that I cut and polish. The flora here fascinates me too and I cast the nuts and seeds in silver and copper, sometimes using them as they are. The possibilities are endless and make my practice joyous and rewarding,

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Exhibition  28 Sep 2021 - 16 Oct 2021  Connexions in Perth.
Exhibition  06 Oct 2020 - 25 Oct 2020  Connexions.
Meeting  06 Oct 2020 - 25 Oct 2020  Parcours Bijoux 2020.

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Magazine:  Spring issue. Oz Arts Magazine.:  2017
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