Svetlana Prigoditch

Published: 31.07.2020

Svetlana Prigoditch is a jewelry artist based in the Netherlands. In 2005 she graduated in Media Art from ArtEZ Art Academy in Enschede(NL). From the outset of her career, she constantly explored new media and challenges in performance, sculpture and drawing, and she always strived to exhibit her most relevant works. In 2016, Svetlana studied at Sint Lucas Art Academy in Antwerp where she discovered her new passion: contemporary jewelry, She has been creating jewelry art since then. Svetlana’s work is inspired by cinematography, literature, found objects, fragrances and natural patterns. In the last two years her jewelry objects have been presented at several international exhibitions in Germany (Schmuck), Greece (AJW), Portugal (Collectiva Meeting International Exhibition) and the United States (ECU material topics symposium).


Mon Baudelaire Collection
The jewelry collection 'Mon Baudelaire' is inspired by the French poet from the nineteenth century Charles Baudelaire and his work of lyric poetry ‘Les Fleurs du mal’. In this collection, every jewelry piece is combined with a unique fragrance. The beauty of withering, fragility, organic patterns of dry flowers, forgotten and collected elements of worn-out jewelry, are translated both visually and olfactory to the pieces. Inside the piece you will discover the smell of a unique (subtle) fragrance composed specifically for the jewelry that will create an extra dimension, attracting your senses, and stimulating your imagination while looking and wearing the jewelry. Each piece includes a dropper bottle with perfume extract, that you can apply inside the brooch, ring or bracelet.
I believe that my work is wearable art that gives you a possibility to escape reality for a moment. By creating an extra dimension and adding a fragrance to the jewelry, I try to attract the senses and stimulate the imagination of the viewer. My perception of beauty in fragrance is about desire and secrecy. The smell is connected to our past experiences, that were preserved in our memory. When we identify an odor, it always comes with an image from the unconscious. Like a film clip from our personal movie. The decision of adding fragrances to the jewelry came very natural: it’s about making the images I use in my work alive. I think that a fragrance is an invisible jewelry, it combines with the wearable pieces in very interesting and often surprising ways.

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Exhibition  12 Sep 2020 - 05 Dec 2020  Precious Places.
Fair  22 May 2019 - 29 May 2019  Athens Jewelry Week 2019.
Exhibition  22 Sep 2018 - 31 Oct 2018  Collectiva Meeting.

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Svetlana Prigoditch. Jewelry and fragrance.
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