Tomoyo Hiraiwa

Published: 20.05.2021


About Yamato Kotoba
These works are entitled "Yamato Kotoba" (Old Japanese Language), the sounds of which are smart, gallant and elegant-novel. I felt beauty in the words of our native tongue, sound and smell of the wind, speaking naturally through ruins and ancient architecture, travelling thought slumberous town. Yamato Kotoba , derived from the unique culture and aesthetics of the Classical Japanese Language. These works are natural and seasonal-beautifully elegant inspirations of the sounds representing complex emotions. It is the discovery of self-identity.

Jewelry as Art, Art as Jewelry
I prefer the beauty of simplicity and the dynamic potential of my chosen material.  I hope the softness and strength and my design speak an international language of beauty and Organic / Hybrid.
Living peacefully is proof of the existence and my theme. While feeling the scent of breezes the time……

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Exhibition  14 May 2020 - 06 Jun 2020  BEIGE.
Exhibition  01 Sep 2017 - 09 Sep 2017  MIMOOL in South Korea.
Exhibition  24 Aug 2017 - 28 Aug 2017  MIMOOL in Japan.