Vacide Erda

Published: 13.11.2023


Vacide Erda Zimic is an artist from Lima, Perú. She designs jewelry and wearable art that uses recycled materials to transform. Vacide studied fine arts at the pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. She started her own studio and workshop with local artisans since 1999. She has designed her own textile collection. Vacide Erda Zimic designs objects out of recycled and reclaimed scrap fabrics like felt, cotton, alpaca, carpet and other materials, combining different processes such as sewing, rolling, sticking and cutting.


I explore various techniques and materials such as jewellery and textiles design, ceramics, and painting, amongst others in my pursuit of finding ways to represent the recurrent subjects in my work. I am interested in health and illness’s cycles and how they might affect the body, in death anxiety and in the restorative nature of recycling and renewing. My pieces develop from the liberating exercise of confronting my fears and obsessions, with crudeness and humour as resources for transforming the character of what I identity as vulnerable.

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Exhibition  29 Jan 2016 - 01 Feb 2016  Artistar Jewels.
Exhibition  16 Sep 2014 - 26 Oct 2014  Intimately Connected.

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Book:  Contemporary Jewellery Yearebook 2016/2017. Grupo DuplexGrupo Duplex:  Barcelona,  2016
Book:  Contemporary Jewellery Year Book 2013 / 2014. Grupo Duplex:  Barcelona,