Tony Drawbridge

Published: 23.04.2024
Tony Drawbridge Tony Drawbridge


New Zealand jeweller and artist Tony Drawbridge has been creating jewellery since 1989. As a young child, he spent hours watching his mother, artist Tanya Ashken, working in her silver smithing studio in their garden, before making his first piece, a pendant, at age 14. Having discovered his own passion for the art of jewellery making, he began experimenting with recycled waste materials from the aluminium and acrylic plastic industries. Almost four decades later, this sustainable approach to crafting wearable art from discarded materials remains at the heart of his creative process. Tony’s current work involves the disassembly of various electronic appliances, mining them for interesting components for his jewellery. Every piece created is one-of-a-kind, meticulously handcrafted to be fun, and distinctive and evoke curiosity.


My work makes use of materials others typically regard as waste. A magpie by nature, I’ve collected the discarded off-cuts of plastics and metals for over 30 years. Initially it was a way to craft jewellery with minimal expense, but this has become an integral part of my work and enabled me to create art with a sustainability ethos – the essence of Re: Once Re:claimed, these discarded materials are transformed or Re:purposed, and given a new or second ‘life’ as body adornment.

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Fair  24 May 2024 - 26 May 2024  Sieraad & Friends jewellery event.