Vershali Jain

Published: 14.05.2022


Born in Udaipur-India, Vershali Jain is MA in Jewelry and Silversmithing from Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. Through her art, Vershali Jain channels the dual identity she developed by living and traveling abroad while following her Indian cultural heritage. In her work wires and thin strips of the sheet are wrapped and coiled into voluminous linear forms. Hot process liquid enamel binds metal elements together as a structural element as well as a color point to create a vibrant textural piece. Vershali currently works from her jewelry studio in Palo Alto, California.


By painting with enamels and sketching through the wire, I try to create playful yet delicate compositions. Colors are an important element in my work and using vitreous enamels is the center of my practice. It’s the joy of making; making something new, and fresh and stretching the boundaries of what jewelry is and how it should be made, that motivates me. My current work is designed around the narrative of the Japanese term NATSUKASHII; bitter-sweet remembrances. Here I used elements of my fond memories and mold them into sculptural Jewelry pieces. These pieces are the window to my past experiences and my cultural identity. The back of the brooches is in contrast to the front, representing the two worlds immigrant artists constantly come to face with. My designs are the intersection of these contrasting experiences. The collection includes brooches, necklaces, earrings, and rings. All are individually designed and detailed. The materials mainly used are silver, copper, steel, and vitreous enamel. Inspired by the miniature art of India, my work also has a lot of fine details, patterns, and colors bundled in a compact wearable jewelry piece.

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Exhibition  20 May 2022 - 22 May 2022  ACC Baltimore 2022.