Xiaohe Shen

Published: 26.10.2021


Xiaohe Shen was born in China, currently works and lives in New York City. Xiaohe received BFA degree from Fudan University, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (2012), major in Jewelry Design, and MFA degree from Rochester Institute of Technology (2014), a major in Jewelry Design and Metal Craft. During her study in school, Xiaohe focused not only on her fascination with silversmithing but also broadened her journey to the fine arts. She worked for several high jewelry studios in  both New York and internationally.


Jewelry is a language I’m using to speak art, much like painting and sculpture. My works are an extension of me. They are the tangible form of my thoughts and my feelings. In my works, I enjoy utilizing structures and layers, twisting lines to deconstruct space, and creating a multi-dimensional visual effect. Negative space is an important part of my work. Space doesn’t exist by itself, it’s not touchable and it doesn’t have mass. But with the material surrounded, we can create the volume of space. Seeking existence of void by using an entity to form nihility, that’s what I’m working on in my jewelry. 

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