Yoonjung Choi

Published: 06.04.2021


Yoonjung Choi is a contemporary jewellery artist based in Seoul, Republic of Korea. She graduated from Metal craft and design at Hongik University with Ph.D program completion, Master and Bachelor degree. Her work expresses the moment when life swells round with breathing and stops for a while with restrained symbols. Which means it shows the history of life - eternity and moment, life and extinction, existence and absence - beginning from invisible breath.


With restrained symbols, my works express the moment when life swells roundly from breathing and stops for a while. It shows the history of life that begins from intangible breath - eternity and moment, life and extinction, existence and absence. 

About Breath Series
"Breath Series" express forms of life that last through repetition of inhalation and exhalation in a bloating form of round pieces. Fragments of soft curved surfaces originated from spheres show the shape of a container with the breath, as if it were a balloon infused with air. These organic forms of sculpture are media expressing the existence of friendly and warm life, and prove the artist's intention by touching and feeling the existence of intangible breath. The images of a dog crouching and sleeping, the face of a child inflating his cheeks, the big breath of an athlete going into a game, became inspirations for my work.

The works in "Breath series" are contemporary jewelry made with special plastic and silver. The use of 3D printing technique provided a way to embody light and solid volume of a breath. And these forms enabled to express a breath of life and its flexibility.

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Exhibition  23 Jun 2021 - 06 Jul 2021  Irregular Rhythm.
Exhibition  17 Dec 2020 - 09 Jan 2021  Absolutely Abstract.

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Book:  New Bracelets: 400+ Contemporary Jewelry Designs. Estrada, NicolasPromopress:  Barcelona,  2021