Youngji Chi

Published: 21.01.2020


Youngji Chi is an art-jewelry artist living and working in Seoul. She has held six solo exhibitions and has participated in jewelry and design fairs in her country and abroad. Her major is in metal craft, she is also interested in color expression. So she has used enamel or various colored thread as her expression tool. Her mission is to create wearable art forms that approach delicately and quietly by working on art ornaments with color. She wants the principle of things to be filtered through her senses and reproduced through her hands.


It is boring to express by glamorizing the visible emotion. I wish the principles to be filtered through my senses and be reproduced through the reducing process in my hands. Even though it is an abstract form, I do not want people to step back because it is difficult. Making art pieces cannot be logical, but I would paradoxically like to convey some logic.

Subtle Observation
The curiosity about people and things makes me observe and reason them at a certain distance. This is my hobby and the extracted visual information and senses are the basis for my work through interaction with me. If a certain element is defined when I start the work, I select an expression object that by considering characteristics and texture. This process is divided into from the inside and from the outside in a methodical way. They include ways to objectify the inside and increase the number, and to combine different objects into one to complete it. Like this, the work is dismantled and reconstructed. In order to lead the orders and disorganization, visual convergence, morphological juxtaposition, the process of drilling, flat shape, overlapping, color combination are carried out, and my art pieces appear as a kind of symbol or image that form the relationship with others.

I have focused on color expression in the form and color that I always have concentrated about. That is because I thought the color is more intuitive. The texture is also my interest as I can express subtly different color in the same color. I have agonized about selecting material to express an intuitive feeling that color gives after making a structure out of silver. Therefore, I have used various materials such as enamel, thread, lacquer and etc. and as they were just expression tools to get color that I want, my technique level is rather simple.

Thoughts about Jewelry
Due to the characteristics of jewelry, it is interesting to find the point of convergence between function and artistic expression. It may not be able to reach the extreme, but it is also to achieve both of them. Making jewelry is interesting as the work can be done with people.

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Exhibition  30 Nov 2020 - 06 Jan 2021  Special Christmas sale at Joya Barcelona.
Fair  19 Sep 2020 - 29 Nov 2020  JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair 2020.
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