Yu Jin

Published: 11.09.2023


Yu Jin began her journey in contemporary jewellery by obtaining a Design Craft – Jewellery degree course from the University of Hertfordshire and her master's Jewellery degree course at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University. As a jewellery artist, she finds inspiration in exploring diverse materials and translating their unique narratives into her creations. Her design ethos embraces simplicity, form, wearability, and visual contrast. She adopted ethical practices to bolster sustainability, focusing on extending the life and functionality of jewellery within minimalist shapes. Beyond conceptualisation, she enjoys crafting unique & bespoke pieces as a designer maker and creating CAD models as a CAD designer, seeing them through from inception to the final product.


Yu Jin is a jewellery artist and a designer maker interested in exploring different materials, the way of presenting, the position of wearing, the visual language and the hidden information. She likes to use simple and abstract shapes to confront challenging subject matter through deceptively beautiful forms. She intends to give the wearer a chance to complete the meaning of the pieces together with artists with redefine subjects with refined objects that pack a punch.

Yu’s inspirations for her early stage pieces are from her observations of the objective world, the experiments from accidents and the surprise of exploring materials, and philosophical inspirations from daily life. According to the characteristics of the materials, she is letting the materials decide the form and tell the story.

During COVID, she started to examine the intricate relationship between the external world and her inner self. After this period, she is more into sustainable themes and ethical practices through her artistic exploration. She transferred the visual punch to the jewellery to be more wearable as she discovered that multi-functional products can decrease the product's environmental impact. After that, Yu Jin's innovative take on sustainable practices with a different viewpoint and her refreshing insights on consumerism and sustainability in her recent collection.
Her recent collection is also inspired by “forms follow function” and “less is more”. The forms of this collection are multi-wearable rings & earrings with different wearing positions on the body as well, and the stones are removable flow the ring. The larger wearable objects in this collection show jewellery as the decorative art piece in the living space as the extension of the self continues the self from identity jewellery pieces. Her work seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, emphasising the expansion of wearable jewellery's horizons.

As she has more experience with society and life experience, she has more understanding of culture and philosophy, she wants to reinterpret tradition to make it relevant now and demonstrate to the culture of our time for her following collections.

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