Yuxi Sun

Published: 04.06.2019
Yuxi Sun. Hand Piece: Everyone is connected, 2017. Wood, silk thread.. Yuxi Sun
Hand Piece: Everyone is connected, 2017
Wood, silk thread.
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Yuxi Sun is a maker and art jewellery promoter. She is currently based in Barcelona, working for global art jewellery platform as a general contents updater and forum contributor after graduated from Jewellery and Gemstone at Trier University of Applied Science (Idar-Oberstein Campus) in 2018. Yuxi’s work was showcased globally in the past few years.
In 2017, she co-founded her art jewellery blog UcIc Art Jewellery with Ranran Fang who is based in Shanghai. Through selected exhibition reviews, emerging jewellery artists introduction, art book recommendations and handmade crafts sales on blog, Yuxi and Ranran work on popularizing the idea of art jewellery in China online.