Svenja John: X-Bones

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Published: 30.04.2008
Svenja John: X-Bones.
Gabi Dewald
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Gabi Dewald
Edited by:
Svenja John
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12 pages, hard cover, silk print card pages, plastic ringbound, colour photographs, text in German and English, 23 x 13 cm
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In her most recent works, Svenja John has abandoned the voluminously interlocking modules. Now she is more interested in an additive fitting together – the so-called x-bone becomes the essential part of an airy construction.
Since 1998, Svenja John has also been working with Makrofol, a thin foil of Makrolon, with which she has succeeded in creating her jewelry as widely extending objects.

Through the special properties of Macrolon – transparency, lightness, and flexibility – Svenja John creates delicate and complex works of art that won’t fit into any jewelry box. They are more likely to be hung, unworn, on the wall by collectors.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the artist builds airy, bizarre, and filigree-like art works that, like a frost-flowered window or a snow crystal, embody something mysterious. Elaborately formed pendants are reminiscent of umbellate blossoms, while colorless chains and brooches acquire charm through the additional use of stainless steel.

The plastic in foil form is sanded and hand-painted. The resulting color combinations underline the character of the individual pieces; plasticity and volume are emphasized. The color density of the works can be determined; the applied color penetrates the plastic and cannot be rubbed off. Intelligently assembled without rivets, screws, or any other mounting method, the delicate and ornamental foil lamellae result in transparent, floating constructions of extreme stability and astonishing flexibility. For an intricate pendant, there can be as many as 300 individual elements, while a bracelet can get along with 20 interlocking elements. Her works are given artful names such as Anillo, Pimpollo, or Semila.
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