Fabrizio Tridenti: Hard Wear Beauty

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Published: 02.04.2009
Fabrizio Tridenti: Hard Wear Beauty.
Fabrizio Tridenti
Andy Lim
Text by:
Antonio Zimarino, Bianca Cappello, Roberta Bernabei, Alba Cappelieri, Ivan D'Alberto, Rita Marcangelo, Rafael Von Uslar
Edited by:
Darling publications
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Technical data:
120 pages, hardback, 80 colour images, text in Italian and English, size 21x13 cm
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Inner page of the book.
Inner page of the book

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Fabrizio Tridenti presented his new book, on March 14th in Munich at the International Trade Fair. Hard Wear Beauty is a book about the work of Fabrizio Tridenti published by Andy Lim from Darling Publications: Observing Fabrizio Tridenti's more recent works, we notice two dominant features: the first is the use of lines as the basic element for exploring shape, the second is the interest in assemblage of natural materials, from organic juxtaposed shapes to parts made of silver.
Totemic spaces but also unknown mechanisms from another future or world: Fabrizio Tridenti’s jewel sculptures seem dancing Waltzer – to use a reference from Kubrick’s films – like spacecrafts around the orbit of a planet, light and suspended like ballet dancers in a perfect dynamic balance of tension and implosion.
Bianca Cappello

Italy has what could be defined as a “peculiar” situation when it comes to jewellery, in the sense that, as opposed to furniture design and fashion for example, most of the production is very traditional, ….Those fortunate enough to have studied at the School of Padua followed the Masters who taught there and, in most cases, later enjoyed international recognition, but for those who did not, there was no hope, or so it seemed.
Fabrizio Tridenti is living proof that anything is possible. … 
Rita Marcangelo

…There is always something suspended, unsaid, unfinished, to give space to people wearing them, but also to preserve the freedom and poetry of nature, the essence of matter. In the world of contemporary jewellery, specially in Italy, this is quite rare…. 
Alba Cappellieri

Texts by:
Roberta Bernabei, Professor of Silversmithing and Jewellery Department, Loughborough University
Alba Cappellieri, Professor of Jewellery Design,Politecnico di Milano
Bianca Cappello, Jewellery Historian and indipendent curator in Milan
Ivan D’Alberto, MAAAC Director, Pescara
Rita Marcangelo, Director Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Chairman and co-founder of agc, Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo
Antonio Zimarino, Independent Contemporary Art Critic and Curator in Pescara

Interview by Rafael von Uslar Art Historian and Independant Curator in Berlin. 

100 Darling Printing Plate Edition in Black Forest Green Techno
30 Édition DeLuxe, each with an original work by the artist, signed and numbered.
9 Èdition d´Arte Povera (+1 AP)
Inner page of the book .
Inner page of the book

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Inner page of the book .
Inner page of the book

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Inner page of the book: Interview.
Inner page of the book: Interview

© By the author. Read Copyright.