Gerd Rothmann: Schmuck / Jewellery

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Published: 01.01.2008
Gerd Rothmann: Schmuck / Jewellery.
Gerd Rothmann
Dorothea Baumer
Barbara Cartlidge
Florian Hufnagl
Rudiger Joppien
Sabine Runde
Edited by:
Hatje Cantz
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191 pages, hardback, full colour images, text in English, 28 x 21.5 cm
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The Munich gold- and silversmith Gerd Rothmann reinterprets traditional jewellery forms in a playful, intellectual approach to the art of jewellery design. Since the early seventies, he has been creating jewellery with body impressions, most of them taken from clients themselves or from persons dear to them. His products are one-of-a-kind objects, like the Family Necklace created in 1998 containing the fingerprints of individual members of a family or such extravagant, multi-faceted pieces as the Chewing Gum Necklace from 1990, made of chewed gum cast in gold to form an entirely new kind of jewellery.

This monograph devoted to the jewellery of Gerd Rothmann from 1976 to the present gathers together a chorus of the voices: wearers and afficionados of these wonderful objects who offer their reflections, anecdotes, intimate commentaries, and fantasies. Combined with texts by expert authors, they present an enlivened discourse on the jewellery art of Gerd Rothmann.