All About Schmuck and Talente 2021. Online Only at Klimt02

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Published: 05.03.2021
All About Schmuck and Talente 2021. Online Only at Klimt02.

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This is a compilation of all information related to the 2021 Schmuck and Talente Special Shows. This year Klimt02 publish all the pieces selected for these 2 events. 164 nominated participants show a total of 184 pieces which are available to be requested to purchase.

You will also find the statement of this year's Schmuck curator Helen Britton, an interview with her by Nina Gassauer, and the links of the previous editions of the Munich Jewellery Week published by Klimt02.

The next IHM will take place from 9 to 13 March 2022, at the Fairground in Munich.
We consider very important to share the words by Wolfgang Lösche, Head of the special shows of the International Crafts Fair Munich, with the audience:

As in 2020, the International Crafts Fair in Munich can regrettably not take place this year due to the corona pandemic. This means that the special exhibitions “Exempla”, “Talente”, “Schmuck” and “Modern Masters” which are all organized by us for the International Crafts Fair will not be shown in Munich. All selected exhibitors of the special shows had already been invited to participate.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all mentors who send their recommendations to us every year and all the applicants from all over the world for their support and enthusiasm. For us as organizers, the cancellation of the exhibitions is a depressing situation. We are all the more pleased that Klimt02 has offered to publish the already nominated participants of the special exhibitions “Schmuck 2021” and “Talente 2021” in full on its Internet platform. Our big thanks, therefore, go to Klimt02 and its entire team, who made it possible for the selected artists to be visible to an international audience. Since no catalogues could be printed for both special shows this year, this is a unique opportunity to appreciate the work of the participants in “Schmuck 2021” and “Talente 2021”.