For Rookies & Stagers. Munich Jewelry Week 2015 Guide

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Published: 11.03.2015
For Rookies & Stagers. Munich Jewelry Week 2015 Guide.

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No matter if you are a newcomer or a veteran, hereby our guided tour to get introduced or to feel like home wearing your slippers. Exhibitions, Book presentations, Lectures, Launch parties & lots of Talk.

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Not to miss:    

The Postcon Project. We cannot miss the opportunity to attend the birth of a new school as this is not happening often. we are aware of the project and pretty sure we will not be disappointed.

CO Paper Launch Party. an event that will become a classic. A perfect place to talk, share, laugh, deal and have a drink.

Classics (or what we call the classics):    

Pinakotek. Always interesting and a perfect spot to get lost or to be found. Avoid it if you don’t like the masses. This year the main exhibition comes together with  publication of Anton Cepka.

Spektrum. We got a copy of a publication about Marianne’s  50 years work, very good one & very interesting. An opportunity to get a copy at a reduced price, understand the wideness of Marianne’s work and talk with her.

Daniel Kruger at Biró. Small place for a big work. After the anthological exhibitions at  the Grassi and Pforzheim Museums and the publication by Arnoldsche We're willing to see some works in real.

Hermann Jünger at Wittenbrink. Essential to understand nowadays jewellery. A catalogue will be presented too, what else can we ask?

Robert Smit at Maurer Zilioli. Same as with Jünger, Cepka and Kruger, essential to understand where does all C.J comes from.

Extra Bonus:    

Lux is the dealer at Kunstpavilion. Let’s see if the guys keep on with the surprising displays and works. We are sure they will do.

Helen Britton at Ingo Maurer Showroom. Curious about Helen’s work after the big exhibition at the New Museum of Art & Design in Nurenberg. Need to see it.

84 GhZ with Hibernate. The gallery contemporary jewellery art and metalwork at the Schmuck in Munich since 2005 with interesting & alternative exhibitions.

The Fair. Schmuck, Talente, Exempla and anthing around there, main meeting point... just visit it.