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Published: 23.03.2020
Pforzheim University / School of Design
Christine Lüdeke
DEADLINE: 30/04/2020
Necklace: Xenoblumen by Lingjie Wang in 2018 for PF Revisited Project..
Necklace: Xenoblumen by Lingjie Wang in 2018 for PF Revisited Project.

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Jewellery is a symbolic function and emotion through material and form with respect to the body. Adorning oneself is inherent to human nature; self-embellishment and the artefacts with which we shape our every day offer us the opportunity to position ourselves within a certain sociological, historical and cultural reality. A focus on in-depth research pushing the boundaries of state-of-the-art digital and traditional technologies and materials, artistic sensibility and critical thinking, fosters new positions between craftsmanship, technology and society. Students are encouraged to question the known and explore the unfamiliar.

Collaborations with the German Museum of Technology, Berlin (UNESCO commemorated project „Manufactory production and design of jewellery“), other design disciplines, visiting artists, design studios and brands and regional and international industry partners sharpen design and industry skills. International activity and exchange is nurtured through annual exhibitions in Munich, Eindhoven and Milan. Students are pushed and mentored to develop an individual creative position on jewellery and objects ranging from one-offs to serial production. Alumni are recognized as highly skilled designers with unique profiles, sensibilities and rigor in their professional practice, ranging from artists and small production studios to designers shaping industry.

Check the Program Structure via the link:

How to apply:
Prepare your application documents When you have supplied all data you 1.) submit everything via our online system AND 2.) print out your pdf-application. Hand in this printed application along with your portfolio please.
  • A copy of your qualification for university entrance
General or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification / General or subject-specific polytechnical entrance qualification) along with the verification of equivalent qualification for university entrance:
  • Portfolio of Artwork
10 - 15 general works  (e.g. drawings, paintings; no copies, no works done with photos as reference ); and additionally, 5 - 7 works which refer to your chosen field of study. All works have to be originals, maximum format DIN A1; not rolled; no metal / wooden / other heavy material portfolio container. 3-dimensional works can only be submitted as printed photos. No works on digital media like CDs, USB memory sticks etc..
  • Proof of Language Proficiency 
To get admission to study programs in Germany all international students will have to prove adequate language skills in German.

Once your application is ready, send it via regular mail to:
Student Administration Office (Studierendensekretariat/StudiCenter)
Holzgartenstr. 36. 75175 Pforzheim, Germany
Room G1.107, open Tue - Fr 9am - 12am
Phone: 07231 - 28 6724


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