Athens Jewelry Week 2019

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Published: 03.01.2019

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Athens Jewelry Week aims through collective action, to promote Contemporary Jewelry both in Greece and abroad, enhancing awareness and exchange of views, while establishing a dialogue between national and international designer/makers or entities active in the Contemporary Jewelry field. After the great success of the Third Edition. The Anticlastics Group is more than happy to invite you to participate in the fourth edition of the event: Athens Jewelry Week.
AJW 2019 is open to Greek and International jewelry designers/makers, individual artists or art groups, schools and galleries that consider jewelry as an art form and that through their action are trying to push the boundaries, expand and enrich the field of Contemporary Jewelry. 
All events scheduled (actions, performances, seminars, lectures) will open to the public between 22nd – 29th of May 2019. Depending on their content/purpose, they may last from one day up to one month. The Central Exhibition will be hosted by Benaki Museum.

The aim of the event is to present to the wider public the specifics, diversity and artistic dimension of Contemporary Jewelry in Greece and Abroad.
In particular, it aims to:
- Inform and educate the public on issues related to Contemporary Jewelry as an art form and a means of creative expression
- Support individual artists and creative groups that are active in this particular field and
- To bring together all interested and collaborative parts/members 
(artists, galleries, collectors, museums and other institutions promoting the arts and culture etc.) through communication and networking.

Athens Jewelry Week is organised by Anticlastics.
The Anticlastics group is formed by Erato Kouloubi and Niki Stylianou. They are active in the Contemporary Jewellery scene and follow parallel paths. Their work covers a wide range of areas in the field of creative expression: from research and design to making and teaching.
The Anticlastics group is a non-profit entity aiming, through collective action, to promote Contemporary Jewelry, both in Greece and abroad, enhancing awareness and exchange of views.
Erato Kouloubi
Niki Stylianou

The following Awards take part during the Fair:
AJW Award - Anticlastics will reward one of the individual artists/participants with the AJW Award. His/her work should show originality, technical quality and conceptual richness. The winner will be invited to participate for free, in the following AJW edition.

Material Quests Award - Benaki Museum Shop - “Material Quests” is a series of exhibitions aiming to highlight unique works in the fields of the applied arts and design that are of exceptional aesthetics, superb craftsmanship and particular artistic inspiration. The prize will be given to the artist, whose work we believe, better represents these qualities. He/She will be given the opportunity to exhibit his/her work at the Benaki Museum’s Shop.

AJW Public Award – the Anticlastics team will invite the public to vote for their favourite artist/participant of Art + Jewelry: Intersecting Spaces 2018. The winner will be invited to participate for free, in the following AJW edition.

Alchimia Award - Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery celebrates during AJW the “Alchimia Award”, a tribute to the new faces in the world of contemporary jewellery. This award, consisting of a two-week Intensive Course at Alchimia School in Florence, will be given to one of the promising artists.

Autor Award – Autor International Contemporary Jewelry Fair will reward one of the artists participating in the central exhibition of AJW, with free participation at AUTOR fair 2020 and with media support for one year on the AUTOR digital media platform.

JOYA Award – “Joya Art Jewellery and Objects will award an artist at AJW and invite him/her to create something memorable.”  We would like to propose to the winner an ephemeral presence – a performance or an act, related to the collection awarded and to the concept of the artist. The performance will take place during the event in Barcelona and through interaction, would illustrate to the public the art jewellery in movement and contact with the body.
Artemis Valsamaki. Neckpiece: The Music That You Play, 2018. Copper, acrylic colour, flock.. Awarded at: Athens Jewelry Week 2018. Artemis Valsamaki
Neckpiece: The Music That You Play, 2018
Copper, acrylic colour, flock.
Awarded at: Athens Jewelry Week 2018
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