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Published: 23.02.2018


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The most important event in the field of contemporary and art jewelry in South-Eastern Europe with a nine-year record of creating a dynamic environment with high selection standards.

Autor 2018.
Dan Piersinaru

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AUTOR is the most important event in the field of contemporary and art jewelry in South-Eastern Europe. The event has a nine-year record of creating a dynamic environment with high selection standards. The participants to AUTOR are offered access to an exquisite and attractive clientele. Beyond the actual fair, AUTOR is an active platform that encourages and creates a dialogue between designers and their public: consumers, collectors, distributors, specialised media.

Established in 2009, AUTOR  has positioned itself through its 16 editions as an innovative fair for young and professional talents.

AUTOR is about jewelry, designers (Romanian and international), but most importantly, it is about the visitors who are passionate about contemporary jewelry. We believe that before wearing a piece of jewelry, you first have to understand, feel and love it. Therefore, we decided to ask Autor Fair visitors to tell us about their interaction with contemporary jewelry and about its signification to them.

Necklace by Yujin Lee (South Korea)
Fantasy. I believe any jewelry should take you on the other side, to send you in another dimension. If not, then it is just a piece of metal.

Ring by Noha Nicolescu (Romania)
I am a fan of Autor fair. I am attending it since the very first edition and I am always purchasing jewelry which I show off not only in Romania, but also abroad. For me, a simple dress and a gorgeous piece of jewelry mean more than an expensive dress and no jewelry at all. I got this ring because I truly like nature, and this is a combination between wood and silver. And, in a way, it reminds me of childhood, but also about the preciousness of a family Christmas evening. If I were a piece of jewelry, I would be something made of nonprecious material, colourful and extravagant.

Necklace by Yujin Lee (South Korea)
When I look at a necklace, the first word that comes to my mind is natural. Natural and pleasant to wear. This necklace is made out of light pinewood. I always purchase light jewelry, not necessarily precious, but to look good. I will wear this with a very simple blouse, both for day and evening outfits.

Brooch by Ana Filipa Bragança (Switzerland)
The jewelry I have purchased are Fabulous. They are particular and unique. I love jewelry and each piece that gets to your soul is a fabulous one. For me, Autor is an extraordinary event. I wear jewelry everyday – for a sober suit you could accessorize any kind of jewelry, however fancy it is.

Brooch by Raluca Buzura (România)
I came to visit Autor because I, too, am partly an artist. I am an architect. I came here because I appreciate the others’ work, because there is a ton of creativity around, a lot of good vibes, and because people from all around the world came to show us their recent work. I purchased this brooch because I like it a lot. I like the texture, the grit, the way the materials are combined. I will wear it proudly because it is a statement piece, which will hopefuly represent me. I would like to be a ring. A big ring, all alone on my hand; the only piece of jewelry that accompanies the lady who is wearing it.
Recommended by Ana Morodan and Maurice Munteanu.
The amazing fashion duo – Ana Morodan, fashion blogger and Maurice Munteanu, fashion editor for ELLE Romania Magazine selected their favourite artists in AUTOR 2017.