Handwerk & Design 2017

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Published: 08.02.2017
Handwerk & Design 2017.
Internationale Handwerkmesse Munich
Cornelia Lutz

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The Handwerk & Design exhibition is part of the Internationale Handwerksmesse, and showcases the high art of skilled craft, top-class handicrafts, and artistic design. Highlights and audience favourites are the special international exhibitions, EXEMPLA, TALENTE, SCHMUCK and MEISTER DER MODERNE. The international designer-oriented scene has decided, March is the month in which everyone goes to the Handwerk & Design.
is an international competition for young skilled craftspeople in the field of design and technology. The special exhibition is a reflection of the ideas of young people and is characterised by their experimental approach to materials and craft techniques. The best entries win the highly desirable TALENTE prize.

This exhibition presents works of contemporary design by internationally famous masters of handicrafts and applied art. Around 33 artists from 10 different countries present works created in the fields of glass, wood, ceramics, metal and textiles.

This contemporary jewellery forum enjoys a worldwide reputation as an international exhibition and has been held since the year 1959. Many of the works on display have been created by young goldsmiths, frequently still at the apprentice stage of their career, as well as by established and well-known jewellery designers.

Further Highlights Besides the four big special shows, «Handwerk & Design» has even more to discover:

Ways to design
Under the banner of "Ways to Design – Training in Bavaria", Bavarian colleges, academies and universities present a wide range of exhibits of all kinds of materials from virtually all areas of life. Moreover, trainees and teachers demonstrate live special skilled craft and design techniques.

The Zeitgeist café
This café forms the centrepiece of the "Handwerk & Design", inviting guests to come and stay a while in its unique atmosphere.

Designers in Skilled Crafts
Skilled craftspeople who in addition to completing their initial training have also gone on to become designers in skilled crafts display their well and practically designed objects, and also offer competent consultancy in the field of design and manual implementation. "Handwerk & Design" Campus Academies and universities introduce themselves: with its lively workshop presentations, the "Handwerk & Design" Campus is a further major attraction, not only for career newcomers.

The stage presentation includes fashion shows and exhibited works, held against a backdrop of behind-the-scenes conversations.

Long evening at the «Handwerk & Design»
The long exhibition evening is an exclusive event, which extends into the evening, is the social meeting place for exhibitors and invited guests.

The special display entitled "FRAME" is where renowned international galleries present themselves with works in the fields of jewellery, ceramics and textiles. Located in the direct vicinity of the special exhibitions, the presence of the special display areas further enhances the profile of the Handwerk & Design.

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