JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2013

Fair  /  17 Oct 2013  -  19 Oct 2013
Published: 17.02.2014
JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2013.
Convent dels Ángels (FAD)
Plaça dels Àngels, 5-6
08001 -  Barcelona
+34 93 443 75 20
Anthony Chevallier Paulo Ribeiro

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JOYA is preparing to become the most important outlet in Europe for Latin American and Mediterranean art jewellery.
Check the list of participants as well as the program of events you can join from 17 to 19 October.
JOYA Barcelona Contemporary Jewellery Fair is the main international event in Spain that aims to present excellency in art jewellery from around the world. Furthermore, JOYA is preparing to become the most important outlet in Europe for Latin American and Mediterranean art jewellery.
Creativity, technique, design and professionalism in contemporary jewellery is what you will find in JOYA Barcelona, an event full of activities for professionals as well as the general public.

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The following artists, from 22 different countries, will showcase their latest work on the 5th edition of JOYA Barcelona, which will be celebrated from October 17 to 19, 2013 at FAD (Convent dels Angels) in the historic centre of Barcelona, Spain.

Akis Goumas-Greece | Alma Godolé-France | Amira Jalet- Costa Rica | Andreia Rollot Miguel-Portugal | Angela Ciobanou-Italy | Angela Simone-Italy | Anna Krol-Poland | Anna Puig-Spain | Barbara Uderzo-Italy | Carlos Bellante-Argentina | Christina Karakalpaki-Greece | Daniela Boieri-Italy | Doru Domitrescu-Romania | Edith Bellod-France | Erato Koulobi-Greece | Eun Mi Kwon-S.Korea/Germany | Florence Croisier-France | Gabrielle Desmarais-Canada | Pallavi Gandhi-India | Hiroko Kobayashi-Canada | Irene Palomar-Argentina | Isabelle Busnel-UK | Jose Marín-Spain | Liana Pattihis-UK | Marcos Honorato-Chile | Maria Diana-Italy | Maria Ribeiro-Portugal | Maria Tsimpiskaki-Greece | Marlene Beyer-Germany | Nicoletta Frigerio-Italy | Niki Stylianou-Greece | Silvia Beccaria-Italy | Silvia Piantini-Italy | Solveig Linke-Germany | Stephanie Bates-UK | Viktoria Münzker-Austria | Violaine Ulmer-France | Virginia Escobar-Colombia | Yana Tankovska-Bulgaria | Yannik Mur-France

The artists were selected by a jury composed of Paulo Ribeiro and Anthony Chevallier, directors of JOYA Barcelona, designer Ricardo Domingo, Grupo Duplex Petra Marín, Piotr Rybaczek, owner of La Basilica Galeria and Florence Croisier, 2013’s featured artist.

The 3 collectives participating in 2013 are:
AGC- Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo from Italy, which will present the best works from 14 artists.
AORP- Associacao de Durivesaria e Relojoaria de Portugal, ran by Fatima Santos will bring 4 selected artists living and working in Portugal.
Corpo- A small Brazilian collective will offer a view on jewellery from 6 different artists including Miriam Mirla Korlokovas.

This year, Alchimia Gallery and La Basilica from Barcelona, will again share with us a selection of their most interesting artists. Also this year JOYA will enjoy the presence of Legnica Gallery from Poland as a new addition to its gallery section, who will bring the best of Revolt, an annual Silver Festival competition.
Aside from exhibiting their selection of artists, the collaboration with galleries offers 3 awards to the artists in JOYA which go from 1000 Euros, acquiring a collection, and an invitation to one student to exhibit in the galleries.

From its beginnings in 2009, JOYA was committed to being a platform for the talent and innovation born from jewellery education in Spain, as well as internationally. This year, 10 schools were selected to present work from students who demonstrate a new and fresh approach to the design and concept of jewellery, and whose education curriculum is reinforced by important professionals in the jewellery world like Karin Johansson from HDK. A total of 29 students will be present.

Arsenal- Escola Municipal d’Art
Escola Massana
Escola d’Art del Treball
Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny Valencia
Llotja-Escola d’art i oficis
Escola d’Art i Disseny de Tarragona

Ar.Co - Portugal
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design - Israel
HDK Gothenburg University- Sweden
Walka Studio- Chile-2016-2016

Le Département S.C.P
Avenida Diagonal 313, 3ºB
08009 Barcelona – ESPAÑA
Tel. +34 93 459 24 06 

Paulo Ribeiro
Anthony Chevallier


As well as offering the exhibition space in JOYA, the organization is involved in other activities that promote the work of contemporary jewellery students outside of their immediate surroundings and its relationship with the territory.

This year the organization, along with Arsenal school and Nadal, a wine producer from the Catalonian region, produced a unique program that gives the opportunity to 10 students from Spain to participate in a residence program. The program JOYA D.O, was organized for the first time as a series of technical and conceptual workshops to produce pieces of contemporary jewellery that reflect the nature of the Catalonian vine tradition and are later exhibited and auctioned in JOYA.

Directed by Oscar Guayavero, curator, Xavier Nadal, director of Caves Nadal, Anna Rafecas, coordinator of Arsenal school and Albert Abella, director of Arsenal.
The participants of 2013 are:
Daniel Rivas Fernández, Guiu Rovira Carbonés, Elaine Brenes Zúñiga, Brigiette Guerra Márques, Natsumi Kaihara, Carlota Serda Llagostera, Núria Pascual, Aránzazu Sainz Márques, Ariadna Valls Prades and Barbara Rodriguez Valdés.

Alchimia Award

Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery celebrates the second edition of the 'Alchimia Award', a tribute to the new faces in the world contemporary jewellery awarded in its first edition to Ana Sales. This award, consisting of a two-week intensive course at Alchimia School in Florence, will be given to one of the promising young students from the Catalan schools that participate in this year's edition of JOYA. 

La Basílica Award
The acclaimed gallery established in Barcelona, La Basílica, will grant a selected artist in JOYA 2013 with an space within the gallery itself to exhibit his or her collection presented during the fair.
The gallery will also grant the artist the amount of 1000 euros so as to promote creativity and excellence in the field of signature jewellery. The award ceremony will be held October the 19th 2013 at 9 pm in the fair premises.

OYA presents 3 conferences related to the world of contemporary jewellery, in the past, it has had the honor to have speakers like Ursula Ilse Newman from MAD Museum NY. For this edition the line-up of speakers are:

Jorge Manilla/ Mexico. Artist, Teacher and Writer .
Mirla Fernandes and Ana Paula Campos/ Brazil. ‘Ornata', a project linked to the University of Campinas

Eliana Negroni and Maria Rosa Franzin/Italy. Founder of Gioiello in Fermento and President of the AGC

This year, JOYA organizes two new special exhibitions by Jorge Manilla from Mexico and Berto Martínez, from Barcelona.

Jorge Manilla
This artist from Mexico works in Antwerp and will prepare a series of new pieces for a special exhibition at Sala Serraima that promises to be a highlight of this year’s edition of JOYA. Jorge is a teacher and has participated in numerous fairs, publications, solo and group exhibitions like SOFA and Schmuck.

Berto Martínez
This year and to celebrate its 5th edition, JOYA invited illustrator Berto Martínez, who has worked for magazines such as the Rolling Stones and the Washington Post Arts, to produce a series of 12 illustrations based on the artists pieces submitted for JOYA 2013. The exhibition will be held at FAD and is open to the public during the days of the event.

Enjoia’t Awards
ENJOIA’T, Prize for Contemporary Jewelry Making, is a unique event within the sector, which has been rewarding the most outstanding proposals within the field of jewelry making for professionals as well as students. The award goes to originality, technical quality, conceptual richness and transgression in the field of jewelry making so much as to question its own limits.

In 2013, JOYA challenged itself to reach outside the FAD exhibition hall by pairing jewellery artists and galleries, that are not necessarily jewellery oriented but understand its contribution to art and design. The purpose is to further extend the offer of this art event to the public and to create greater synergies between the contemporary jewellery outlets that already exists in the city.
The end product is a route of jewellery exhibitions around the city of Barcelona that are open to the public and reach a larger audience.

Ceramic Association of Catalunya- Prepares a special exhibition of ceramic jewellery “Joieria Sincrònic” in their gallery space.

Klimt02- The long lasting partnership with JOYA provides an opportunity to see Noon Passama’s exhibition "Portraits", winner of 2012 Art Jewelry Forum Award, at the Klimt 02 gallery.

La Basilica- Azahara Santoro, winner of 2012’s La Basilica award for students will be featured in this gallery along with 12 other international artists that work with the gallery.

Amaranto- Brazilian artist Mirla Fernandes will showcase a retrospective of 12 years of her work in Amaranto Joies gallery of Barcelona.

Bigote del Sr Smith- Claudia Betancourt and Nano Pulgar from Chilean brand WALKA, will exhibit their award winning work (Excellence of Handcraftsmanship (UNESCO, Chile 2008-2009) in this new up and coming gallery.

Fili Plaza – La artista española Fili Plaza(Salamanca, 1957) ha elegido el cuerpo humano como objeto temático, como modo de expresión de su obra escultórica, nos enseñará su faceta más conceptual y experimental.

Jura Golub- Presents 6 international artists from Austria in this cozy Barcelona gallery.
Room Service- This design specialized gallery will host Burcu Büyukünal, Selen Ozus, Asli Kuris and Burcu Sülek from Maden, an up and coming jewellery studio from Turkey.

Mutuo Centro de Arte- This industrial size gallery in Barcelona’s gothic quarter will host Context. A group dedicated to showcase the work of 26 jewellery artist from Spain.

Ring Ring Gallery- Ring Ring Arts & Crafts is an open space for the world of design, art and craft in Barcelona. Seeking to find an artist who seeks beauty and communication from their work, they will host Bigornia, a group of 7 artists led by Spanish artist Imma Batalla.

Escola Massana - La Escola Massana nos prepararé 2 exposiciones para enseñar lo mejor de SUS alumnos: Linea de Sortida 2013 y Massana in Progress.

Jo Joia – Los mejores trabajos de distintas escuelas españolas junto a la escuela florentina Le Arte Orafe en el recinto de la Escola Industrial.
Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2012
Tendencias TV
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Amira Jalet. Ring: Columnas, 2013. Cement, resin, aluminum, wood. from the collection La Esencia del Otro. Amira Jalet
Ring: Columnas, 2013
Cement, resin, aluminum, wood
from the collection La Esencia del Otro
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Anna Krol. Brooch: Mines and Undergrounds, 2013. Silver tin, oxides, paint. Anna Krol
Brooch: Mines and Undergrounds, 2013
Silver tin, oxides, paint
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Gabrielle Desmarais. Necklace: Rose Flambette, 2013. Copper, enamel, Wood, 22kt gold leaf, wallpaper, pigments, 14 kt gold. from the collection La Géode
. Photo credit: Anthony Mclean. Gabrielle Desmarais
Necklace: Rose Flambette, 2013
Copper, enamel, Wood, 22kt gold leaf, wallpaper, pigments, 14 kt gold
from the collection La Géode
Photo credit: Anthony Mclean

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Nicoletta Frigerio. Brooch: Compendium, 2013. Fragments of bronze mirror ground, sanded. 14 x 7 cm. from Free Modules project. Nicoletta Frigerio
Brooch: Compendium, 2013
Fragments of bronze mirror ground, sanded
14 x 7 cm
from Free Modules project
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Vicktoria Münzker. Necklace: Fryeria Rueppeli, 2013. Bronze, alginate, silver, resin, glass, synthetic sapphire, glass granules. from Collection Desiderium ad Universum. Vicktoria Münzker
Necklace: Fryeria Rueppeli, 2013
Bronze, alginate, silver, resin, glass, synthetic sapphire, glass granules
from Collection Desiderium ad Universum
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Eun Mi Kwon. Necklace: Wearing Ceramics “likeleaf”, 2013. Slip casted and polished Mont-Blanc porcelain, Bohemian glass, fabric. Eun Mi Kwon
Necklace: Wearing Ceramics “likeleaf”, 2013
Slip casted and polished Mont-Blanc porcelain, Bohemian glass, fabric
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Ioanna Natsikou. Brooch: The Body, 2013. Silver, aluminum, textile. 9 x 6 cm. Ioanna Natsikou
Brooch: The Body, 2013
Silver, aluminum, textile
9 x 6 cm
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Rubens Matuk. Pendant: Untitled, 2013. Wood, brass. Rubens Matuk
Pendant: Untitled, 2013
Wood, brass
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Adrean Bloomard. Bracelet: Amphora, 2009. Copper, enamel. Adrean Bloomard
Bracelet: Amphora, 2009
Copper, enamel
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Anna Norrgrann. Necklace: Untitled, 2013. Silver, aluminum, brass, copper, zinc. 3 to 30 cm. Student of HDK – School of Design and Crafts Gothenburg University. Anna Norrgrann
Necklace: Untitled, 2013
Silver, aluminum, brass, copper, zinc
3 to 30 cm
Student of HDK – School of Design and Crafts Gothenburg University
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