Schmuck 2007

Fair  /  08 Mar 2007  -  14 Mar 2007
Published: 11.01.2008
Schmuck 2007.
Willy Brandt Allee 1
Organization and Information Eva Sarnowski

Schmuck ‘2007
59th Special Jewellery Show
International Trade Fair Munich
8th 14th March 2007

Please send to us a quality colour photos of each piece that you have in mind for the exhibition. A sufficient margin should be left between the motif and the edge of the photo This will enable us to do magnifications. Your application should consist in total of not more than 10 photographs. Pictures ought to be well lit, should have a good depth of focus, and need to have a high resolution. We accept slides, colour prints, digital pictures in .jpg format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi of a normal size photo (width c. 12 cm).

Please enclose print outs and a list of the objects and please make sure that each photograph is labelled with the indication of material, year of creation and measurements in mm (very important!)

In addition send us a copy of your curriculum vitae with your address and an artists statement.

The submission should not be older than 2 years and we only exhibit wearable jewellery (no package, text, photographs or installations). The decision about the entry to Schmuck’2007 will be a personal selection of one internationally known specialist. The decision will be reaching you ASAP. In the case of selection we will forward at the same time the conditions of participation.
Annamaria Zanella. Brooch: Bionic Heart, 2005. Silver, enamel, acrylic, gold. 7 x 5.5 x 3 cm. Annamaria Zanella
Brooch: Bionic Heart, 2005
Silver, enamel, acrylic, gold
7 x 5.5 x 3 cm
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In three days the special show of the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades will open.
The pdf guide with the events during the fair has been updated with new information.

This special exhibition is the eldest exhibition of contemporary jewellery works in the world. It takes place since 1959 every year during the International Trade Fair in March. Except the transport cost until Munich the participation in the special show is free of charge for you. Three contributions of Schmuck 2007 will be awarded with the Herbert Hofmann Prize. The prize commemorates Dr. Herbert Hofmann, the founder of the special show in 1959. In addition the jury of the Bavarian States Prize will look at the works in the special show. The Bavarian States Prize is awarded to 10 contribution of applied art within all contribution of the International Trade Fair.

Jewellery art reflects its day and age. Artists may refer to a political or social background, they may be rooted in fashion or arts.  The high standards and stunning inventiveness of its participants turn the international special show SCHMUCK into a renowned show case for trends in jewellery art world wide. The selection is made by a distinguished jewellery teacher changing every year.

SCHMUCK is a special show of the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades taking place in Munich in March each year.