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Schmuck 2018

Fair  /  Munich Jewellery Week - Schmuck - Talente - 2018  /  07 Mar 2018  -  13 Mar 2018
Published: 25.07.2017
Schmuck 2018.
Internationale Handwerkmesse Munich
Wolfgang Lösche

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Schmuck is a special show of the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades taking place in Munich in March each year since 1959. Jewellery art reflects its day and age. Artists may refer to a political or social background, they may be rooted in fashion or arts. The high standards and stunning inventiveness of its participants turn the international special show Schmuck into a renowned show case for trends in jewellery art world wide. We receive about 700 applications for the participation at SCHMUCK per year. The selection is made by a distinguished jewellery teacher changing every year.
For 58 years now, a dedicated group of jewellery lovers and makers has flocked to Munich in the month of March for the International Crafts and Trades Fair. Although an extensive program of events all over the city has developed around the special jewellery show, »Schmuck«, it remains the focus and true motivation for the gathering of goldsmiths that annually takes place in Munich. Schmuck is organized since 1959 at the international trade fair. It is the eldest special jewelry show in the world. Both young talents and experienced artists working in the applied arts and technology will have the opportunity to show their work in the international competition Schmuck 2018 in Munich, Germany, during the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades from 7th to 13th March 2018.

The competition is being organised by the Munich and Upper Bavarian Chamber of Skilled Trades and jointly sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics and Media, Energy and Technology. „Schmuck“ takes place every year as a special exhibition during the Munich International Skilled Trades Fair in March.
Projects by around 60+ participants from ca. 30 countries are exhibited in specially designed exhibition spaces over around 600 m2.  At the start of the fair, we publish a high-quality catalogue to introduce the participants, together with a short biography and a description of the work. During the fair, an international jury nominates the winner of the Herbert Hofmann Prize The prize is nominal. The prize winners are mentioned again in the catalogue the following year.

The contributions should reflect the development of the artist or technician while illustrating the type of work and the topics that s/he is currently involved in. The work may not be more than two year old. The selection panel considers the applications and selects the entrants for the competition. The entrants’ contributions are then exhibited at the „Schmuck“ exhibition, which takes place during the International Skilled Trades Fair. They are appraised here by an international jury. Either individual items or a group of works can be considered. Depending on the size, no more than eight works should be presented.

A catalogue will be published for the special exhibition: Each artist will be presented with a colour photograph. We will take the photographs from your application documents. If the quality of the photographs is not sufficient, we will contact you. Please note that your photographs can be used for advertising purposes: The exhibitors agree that any photographs they send to us can be used for exhibition and press purposes.

Prizes and Awards:

  • Three contributions will be awarded with the Herbert Hofmann-Prize.
  • Works will be acknowledged at the Schmuck-Catalogue of the following year (including photography and text).
  • Distinguished exhibitors receive a certificate and an object which was designed by Hermann Jünger.

Bavarian States Prize
  • Every exhibitor at the International Trade Fair can apply for the Bavarian States Prize.
  • The Bavarian States Prize is awarded with 5.000 Euros, a gold medal and a certificate.

Organisation and Funding:
Promoter: Danner Stiftung, München, e. V.
Administration: Wolfgang Lösche, Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern
Organisation: Eva Sarnowski, Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern

We are grafetul to the Bavarian State Ministry of Commerce and Media, Energy and Technology for the support they have lent this special show, to the Danner Foundation for their sponsorship, and to the Association of Trades Fairs as organizer of the Crafts and Trades Fair Munich.