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Published: 23.10.2008
Astrid Berens & Maarten Bodt EMB & B Art Events

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The jewellery on show ranges from personal ornaments for everyday use to pieces with which you can steal the show.

SIERAAD, International Jewellery Art Fair, is moving to satisfy the growing interest of jewellery artists at home and abroad. The fair will move to the spectacular gasholder on the site of the WesterGasfabriek in Amsterdam.

With our transfer from the RAI to the WesterGasfabriek one of SIERAAD’s long-cherished wishes will be fulfilled. The WesterGasfabriek plays a prominent role in unusual presentations and manifestations in the field of art and culture. In the management of the WesterGasfabriek, the SIERAAD organization has found a partner offering the possibility of expanding the SIERAAD fair and advancing its date. 

From time immemorial Amsterdam has occupied a leading position when it comes to the production, finishing and sale of jewellery. A glorious past which SIERAAD and the WesterGasfabriek will jointly provide with a new incentive, for which SIERAAD has entered into a long-term cooperation with the WesterGasfabriek. 

In actual fact, this means that SIERAAD will expand and offer more artists an opening to present their work to a wider public. Moreover, starting this year the fair will be held a month earlier, from 6 thru 9 November; in this way SIERAAD will also accommodate the wishes of foreign participants in particular. 

SIERAAD, International Art Fair, is the only international, specialised fair where goldsmiths and jewellery designers show and sell their work directly to the public. SIERAAD also accommodates special exhibitions and jewellery shows. The SIERAAD art fair has existed since 2001 and has become an annual public event lasting four days.

The exhibition of entries for the international design contest New Traditional Jewellery, which is part of the SIERAAD fair, is literally and figuratively its heart. The theme of New Traditional Jewellery 2008 is Intimacy.


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New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) is an annual international design contest for jewellery artists. For every edition a theme is selected, based on historical and obsolescent jewellery traditions. Participants are challenged to come up with new, contemporary shapes for old symbol bearers. A technical jury makes a selection which is on show during the SIERAAD fair, at which time the names of the winners of NTJ are officially announced. After the fair the exhibition will travel and be shown both at home and abroad.

The Jury:
Mevrouw drs Cora Minderhoud, Nederlands ambassadeur te Mexico
De heer M. Job Cohen, burgemeester van Amsterdam
De heer Lejo Schenk, directeur Tropenmuseum Amsterdam
Mevrouw Monique des Bouvrie, internationaal topstylist.
Mevrouw drs Carin Reinders, directeur CODA Apeldoorn.
de heer en mevrouw Ton en Maya Meijer, Meyer Bergman Art Fund.
Mevrouw drs Wilma M. van Ingen, Algemeen directeur, Kamer van Koophandel OostNederland
De heer Jan Walgrave, Ere-conservator Provinciale Musea Antwerpen.