Sieraad 2018 fair Skyscraper.
Goldschmitte 2018 skyscraper.


Fair  /  09 Nov 2017  -  12 Nov 2017
Published: 03.04.2017
Gasholder WesterGasfabriek
Astrid Berens & Maarten Bodt EMB & B Art Events

KEEP in mind, you need to be a professional jeweller, which means we will only look at
applications from skilled jewellers! we ask you to do the following:

send us by (ONLY wetransfer)

12-14 good high resolution (min. 330 dpi max 12x 12 cm) photo’s of your work on a white
background OR on a professional model (shoot)
+ a CV
+ artist’s statement and all information on the pieces, materials etc. Before APRIL 25. 2017

Within about 10 working days they will receive a participation form or a rejection email.


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The 16th edition of SIERAAD Art Fair (SAF) will be the most international one. SAF is the only platform in the Netherlands where professional contemporary jewellery designers from home and abroad sell their hand made work directly and in person. To add lustre to this edition of SAF there will be some special events and striking presentations.

SIERAAD is Holland’s one and only specialized contemporary art jewellery fair where artists present their work themselves and straight to the public. Since its start in 2001, SIERAAD is internationally renowned for the quality of its participants and accompanying events end exhibitions. No wonder, that being part of SIERAAD is one of the hottest tickets in town.
By showcasing as academies, universities, professional jewellery designers and artists YOU can make a great addition to the already impressive international market SIERAAD is offering.

It's time to meet your buyers in Amsterdam at SIERAAD. Invest in your own professionalism!
  1. You need to be physically fit as you’ll meet more than 6800 jewellery-lovers in 4 days. That’s a lot of miles, smiles, handshaking and trading.
  2. You do the math… We’re talking over 600 people from your target audience a day: if ‘only’ 1% buys something from you: your selling your work to over 6 people every day.
  3. Do some serious and lucrative network expanding: collectors, gallery-owners, curators, retailers, stylists and press all flock to SIERAAD.
  4. Start training your vocal cords because al lot of them want to know your story!
  5. Be awed by our beautiful surroundings: the venue, exhibitions, lay-out and flower-arrangements; we leave no stone unturned to create the best possible experience to do business.

Others have gone before you:
Iris Saar Isaacs is from Australia and explains why she has opted for participation in SIERAAD - not exactly on her doorstep…During SIERAAD I met a new audience and a very inspirational community of makers”.
Judith Bloedjes joined SIERAAD nine years ago. What is her advice to people who are still hesitating to participate? “Present yourself with an interesting mix including wearable and saleable pieces. If you attend for a number of consecutive years, be sure to show a substantial percentage of new work. Create your own profile; visitors will remember you precisely because you stand out. Conclusion: the longer you participate in SIERAAD, the more you will profit.”

More impressions on Sieraad:

Parking and map:
Cars are not allowed on the premises; parking is possible in Parking Garage Westersluis, Van Bleiswijkstraat 8, corner Haarlemmerweg –Van Slingerlandtstraat. The parking garage (Q-park) is diagonally opposite the gasholder, at about 6 minutes walking distance.

Click here to download the plan of the premises in PDF-format. (PDF will be opend in a new window)

The building “1 located on the map is the “Gashouder” where SIERAAD Art Fair is organized.

Stand types 2017:
- Junior stand: 954 €  max 1 jewellers,(2 spotlights, 1 table 80x80x110 and 1 stool) no more than 3 years after finishing school.
- 4m2 stand:  1548 €, Solo stand 1 jeweller (2 spotlights + 1 table 80x80x110 cm + 1 stool).
- 8 m2  stand:  2860 €, max 2 jewellers (4 spotlights + 2x tables 80x80x110 cm + 2 x stool).
- 10 mstand: 3055 €, max. 3 jewellers (5 spotlights + 3x 80x80x110cm tables + 3x stool).
- 12 mstand: 3485 €, max. 4 jewellers (6 spotlights +4x 80x80x110cm tables + 4x stool).

-  6 m stand:  2320 €, 2 jewellers (4 spotlights + 2x high table 80x80x110 cm + 2x stool).
For Klimt02 members (over 2 years) and for Klimt02 first time participants SAF only.



SIERAAD Int. Jewellery Art Fair, EMB & B Art Events 
Astrid Berens & Maarten Bodt
Telephone: 00 31 (0) 33 4337009
Mobile: 0031 (0) 6 53 39 36 26 

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Thursday November 9th: 14.00 -21.00 h
Friday November 10th: 11.00 -18.00  h
Saterday November 11th: 11.00 -18.00 h
Sunday November 12th: 11.00 -18.00 h

Order tickets as visitor:
Gasholder WesterGasfabriek.
Gasholder WesterGasfabriek

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Gasholder WesterGasfabriek.
Gasholder WesterGasfabriek

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Ruudt Peters book signing his new publication BRON..
Ruudt Peters book signing his new publication BRON.

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ROCKSTARS by the faculty of Jewellery and Gems of the Idar-Oberstein campus of Trier University, Germany..
ROCKSTARS by the faculty of Jewellery and Gems of the Idar-Oberstein campus of Trier University, Germany.

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Galerie Ra stand with publications.
Galerie Ra stand with publications

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SIERAAD 2017..

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SIERAAD 2017..

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SIERAAD 2017..

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