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Published: 25.01.2018
Gasholder WesterGasfabriek
Astrid Berens & Maarten Bodt EMB & B Art Events
Sieraad 2018.
Sieraad 2018

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The 17th edition of SIERAAD Art Fair (SAF) will be the most international one. SAF is the only platform in the Netherlands where professional contemporary jewellery designers from home and abroad sell their hand made work directly and in person. 
To add lustre to this edition of SAF there will be some special events like lectures and striking presentations with the theme: CHAINS.

SIERAAD is Holland’s one and only specialized contemporary art jewellery fair where artists present their work themselves and straight to the public. Since its start in 2001, SIERAAD is internationally renowned for the quality of its participants and accompanying events end exhibitions. No wonder, that being part of SIERAAD is one of the hottest tickets in town.
By showcasing as academies, universities, professional jewellery designers and artists YOU can make a great addition to the already impressive international market SIERAAD is offering.

No more than 100 stands for participants who sell products; our selection criteria will be stricter. The period to registrate for participation will also be cut down (we have actually already received a few while the new registration forms are not even available). For the participant too, this will be better – preparation is everything!
We are convinced that everybody is able to find buyers during SIERAAD. But it is also a learning process, selling your own work is SO difficult. And obviously, not every year turns out positive for everybody. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees and it never becomes clear why one year is so much better for participants than another. We provide a lot of tips, which can be found in the manual we send you after receipt of the payment of the first invoice.

It's time to meet your buyers in Amsterdam at SIERAAD. Invest in your own professionalism!
1. Picture this: one hotspot to meet your three target groups face to face. If it sounds too good to be true, you haven’t participated at SIERAAD in Amsterdam yet.
  •  the visitors; over 6000-6800 loving jewellery consumers
  •  the professionals; your business contacts and people from the cultural world (gallerists, shops etc..) and
  • the press; stylists, journalists etc.
2. During these four days you can considerably develop your network.
3. Direct contact between artist and (potential) client leads to a proven increase in sales.
4. SIERAAD is a fair with style, with a clever mix of very diverse but top-quality work, which guarantees some inspiring and pleasant days with colleagues.

Several museums want to continue their cooperation with us and there are some museums that would like to enter into cooperation. We are going to look into all possibilities, and will try to set up a fringe program at SIERAAD in the coming years.

Feedback from participants:
Liisa Hashimoto,
& Iris Saar Isaacs,  InSync Design, Japan and Australia.

I have been exhibiting at Sieraad for five years now, sharing the stand with Iris from Insync Design. Every year I enjoy meeting all the artists from different countries, and meeting every year is like a reunion. In Japan, unfortunately, contemporary jewelry is not known too much to the public, so it is a good opportunity for me to see other artists' works and exchanging information about the jewelry. As to the customers coming to Sieraad, I find many of them coming back every year. And usually, they will kindly come back to our stand and enjoy looking at our new works of art. So, I try to show my works in a different way with different themes every year, always discussing with Iris how to display our stand.
By exhibiting at Sieraad, I have been learning and thinking about the way of showing and selling my pieces, combining one-off pieces and production lines. It is not easy, but it is a good experience for me.
Exhibiting at Sieraad is always my pleasure every year.

/Liisa Hashimoto

Sieraad Art Fair is my favourite show of the year! I love returning each year to meet and engage with colleagues, friends and returning customers who collect my work as well as my regular wholesale buyers.Sieraad is a beautiful event located in a stunning location in the magical city of Amsterdam… should I say more??
/Iris Saar Isaacs,  InSync Design

More impressions on Sieraad:

Parking and map:
Cars are not allowed on the premises; parking is possible in Parking Garage Westersluis, Van Bleiswijkstraat 8, corner Haarlemmerweg –Van Slingerlandtstraat. The parking garage (Q-park) is diagonally opposite the gasholder, at about 6 minutes walking distance.

Click here to download the plan of the premises in PDF-format. (PDF will be opend in a new window)

The building “1 located on the map is the “Gashouder” where SIERAAD Art Fair is organized.

SIERAAD Int. Jewellery Art Fair, EMB & B Art Events 
Astrid Berens & Maarten Bodt
Telephone: 00 31 (0) 33 4337009
Mobile: 0031 (0) 6 53 39 36 26 

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Gasholder WesterGasfabriek.
Gasholder WesterGasfabriek

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Gasholder WesterGasfabriek.
Gasholder WesterGasfabriek

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ROCKSTARS by the faculty of Jewellery and Gems of the Idar-Oberstein campus of Trier University, Germany..
ROCKSTARS by the faculty of Jewellery and Gems of the Idar-Oberstein campus of Trier University, Germany.

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SIERAAD 2017..

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SIERAAD 2017..

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SIERAAD 2017..

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Iris Saar Isaacs. Earrings: Untitled, 2017. Hypoallergenic stainless steel, 22ct gold plate, powder coating.. Iris Saar Isaacs
Earrings: Untitled, 2017
Hypoallergenic stainless steel, 22ct gold plate, powder coating.
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Liisa Hashimoto. Brooch: Yellow Color Top, 2017. Liisa Hashimoto
Brooch: Yellow Color Top, 2017
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