Precious Metals-Precious Stones: Symbolism and Technologies of Precolumbian Jewellery by Max Carocci

Lectures  /  11 Oct 2022
Published: 15.09.2022

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What are the reasons for a culture to produce jewels from very specific raw materials? How do we make sense of the inordinate use of certain metals? What causes certain societies to value certain metals over others?
Through examples drawn from the exceptional creativity and craftmanship of Precolumbian master jewellers, we address these and other questions related to the meanings, symbolism, and values differently associated with jewellery, and how they work in society.

About the lecturer:
British Museum-based Dr. Max Carocci has been teaching anthropology, art and material culture for more than 20 years at universities and institutions such as Goldsmiths College, University College London, Chelsea College of Art, and City Lit. Max currently teaches Visual Cultures, World Arts, and Curatorship as Adjunct Professor in the department of Art History the American International University in London. His research focuses on visual and material cultures in cross-cultural perspective, with a particular emphasis on indigenous, archaeological, and non-literate societies’ modes of non-verbal communication.

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