Géraldine Luttenbacher

Published: 13.01.2021


Geraldine Luttenbacher was born in 1965 in France and studied Arts and Jewellery since 1985. Luttenbacher has won awards such as Young Creators and Maison et Objets. She worked as a teacher during the 2000s in short programs, and at the Museé des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Five of her works have been purchased for the permanent collection since 2003.


There exists, I feel, a territory of sorts, some undefinable terrain where I carry out my research somewhere between art and craft.

My research begins almost always with nature, observing nature, it's materials, those which I gather, which I buy, which I collect, those received as gifts: bones, stones, seeds, and those which I can find: discarded, abandoned, drifting. Materials are thus the starting point, then come associations of materials. From these choices, rapidly emerges a line of research, a common thread. This pathway seeks to set in course the most delicate vibration, the imperceptible calling to the imaginary, the touchable, the recollection.
The alchemy is total and well successful when the person wearing the jewelry brings their personal touch and movements. I have always been interested in dance, in the dancers, actors, the art of theatre, how it shines a light on someone and somehow exaggerates everyday body language. As an actor, I worked on the micro-gesture. The experience felt like observing the body and body language through a magnifying glass. Jewelry in its relationship with the body could perhaps be a form of micro-gesture, highlighting certain areas of the body, just as a theatre spotlight follows the drama on stage.

I look for coherence. Nothing happens by chance, everything is a choice, sometimes there are accidents, magnificent accidents, one must choose to use them or not, to understand them to tame and direct them.

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Exhibition  01 Dec 2020 - 31 Dec 2020  Mirrors at Galerie Naïla de Monbrison.
Exhibition  24 Oct 2015 - 10 Jan 2016  Omnia Vanitas.