Hee-ang Kim

Published: 19.08.2020

Hee-ang Kim dwells on mushrooms as a motif and creates a series of works influenced by them. She studied metal craft at Kookmin University, also lives and works in Seoul. Hee-ang’s experience includes teaching as a lecturer at college, participating in both solo and group exhibitions.


The growth and development of mushrooms present the image of proliferation, which can be discovered in the repetition of a certain form, the gradual alteration of sizes and arrangements, and a sense of rhythm coming from wrinkles and texture. Mushrooms look similar to flowers, but they are entirely different from their composition. The body of a mushroom consists of thread-like structures called hyphae, which spread wildly under where the mushrooms are. These hyphae gather and clot together, which become mushrooms, and imagining this process is crucial in expressing the image of proliferation. Tiny objects get together and eventually become one. This opens up a huge window for imagination since we never know what they will become depending on the surrounding conditions.

The hyphae silently develop a strong presence, encroaching on the surroundings slowly and giving birth to mushrooms during the process of growth and decomposition. Mushrooms made from countless hyphae embody the image of proliferation, and I feel like I am executing the process of proliferation myself when I stack hundreds of clay layers. Hundreds of moments gather together and give birth to a piece of jewelry. As hyphae and mushrooms proliferate regardless of time and space, my pieces of jewelry silently proliferate.

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Exhibition  12 May 2021 - 12 Jun 2021  Guess What.
Award  13 Mar 2020 - 13 Mar 2020  BKV-Prize 2020 for Young Applied Arts.
finalist, Munich, Germany
Fair  28 Feb 2019 - 03 Mar 2019  COLLECT 2019.
Korea Craft & Design Foundation, Saatchi gallery, London, UK
Exhibition  29 Aug 2018 - 04 Sep 2018  Captured moments.
Solo exhibition, Gallery Ahwon, Seoul, Korea

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Magazine:  Polymer Week Magazine 2. 2020
Magazine:  Homeliving & Style October issue. 2019
Magazine:  AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Magazine #3. 2016