José Marín

Published: 02.11.2022


José Marín was born in Valencia on 1965 and is the son of a craftsman jeweler. At the age of 13 years he enrolls at the school of the Guild of Jewelers of Valencia. He is working mainly with titanium, gold, silver, lacquer and precious stones. He has 2 lines of work: Unique pieces and edition pieces.


I'm a lover of Renaissance, I am inspired by nature and architecture. Since 2010 the Titanium has become one of my everyday metals along with gold, silver and precious stones. Titanium is a great unknown, hard, tough and resists being manipulated. I work hand techniques always, I had to learn for myself all the secrets it contains. I do two collections a year, one more conceptual that I present at JOYA  Barcelona and expose in Europe and this year in Korea and one more figurative for sale in the US.


Magicae Facinum, (from Latin Latin Magic Talisman).
During the research and documentation phase to create a talisman necklace that would be protective against the coronavirus, inspiration came when I first saw an image of the immunoglobulins that are the antibodies in the blood. Antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system to attack antigens, such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens.
The immunoglobulin molecule seen through the microscope is already a jewel in itself by the beauty of its forms. This necklace symbolizes the fight between health and disease, if we observe the necklace is a chain formed by coronavirus and immunoglobulins.
Coronavirus: represented by stones and silver with black rhodium, this symbolizes the disease.
Immunoglobulin: 8-shaped pieces in silver with green and blue coating, this symbolizes health.

In the midst of this struggle appears our talisman that comes to put all its magic in favor of health. The talisman was enshrined in a ritual, at the moment I was engraving it with my own hands, in the Latin "Hoc Faciet Te Fers Inmunis" (This Necklace Will Make You Immune).

Telling With The Eyes
Human beings have a great need to communicate.
Contrary to what we may think, a large part of communication between people occurs through non-verbal communication.
What I have been able to verify as a result of the pandemic is that people always find a way to communicate.
In these times when masks cover our mouths, we realize that we have lost the possibility of observing the lips to perceive happiness or sadness and many other emotions of the people with whom we interact.
As a result of this, we have had to learn to communicate with our eyes, unconsciously we make an effort to express with our eyes what we want to express, that is why many times a day we count on our eyes and we also read looks to find out what the voice does not transmits to us.
The look has its own non-verbal language, the look can be sincere or false, we usually avoid the look when we feel ashamed or we try to find the look when we need sincerity, the look is attraction, but also rejection, we can notice feelings so deep like love, admiration or pleasure. On the other hand, the look sometimes expresses the opposite as well as hatred, resentment or fear. Those feelings are much deeper and more sincere expressed with the eyes than told with words.
The conclusion is that with our eyes we can perceive and also express without the need to speak.


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