Kim Nogueira

Published: 16.09.2021


Kim Nogueira resides on the sub-tropical island of St John, in the US Virgin Islands, where she first began working as a production goldsmith, learning the trade on the job 2 decades ago. Her BA in sociology from Smith College supports the multidimensional, thought-based, yet spiritually-inspired and intuitively-guided explorations that undergird her wearable narrative art practice and she continues to deepen her skill level with intensive workshops taught by renowned masters in the field. Her work has been shown in juried and curated exhibitions both abroad and nationally, such as MAD about LOOT at the Museum of Arts and Design, and published in magazines and books, including Narrative Jewelry: Tales from the Toolbox, 1000 Beads and Behind the Brooch.

Her layered narratives in glass and metal extend a helping hand, an invitation to see the world with curious eyes, the eyes of a child, inviting you to become a magician for a moment, an alchemist in reverie, a shaman dreaming the world.


I have been on a journey of unlearning for several years now.

This trek has taken me inward, on a search for the ancient language that connects me to the wind, the ocean, a tortoise and birds, the stars, humanity. This strange interior pilgrimage included the shedding of layers of learned fear, replaced by the embrace of inter-being, the extraordinary interconnectedness of all things in this universe of marvels and oddities, astonishments and magnificence.  In my studio I embraced this interconnectedness of all things, using imagery and text from the historical record to intuitively craft a dream-like visual language in glass and metal that values the imagination as a powerful mythopoetic tool for critical thinking and change. The method I work with transforms random imagery and text from the past into miniature multi-nuanced and layered frescos of meaning and speaks to the collective unconscious realm that we all share. This work subtly encourages the formation of new paradigms and ways of thinking to replace the current homogenized patriarchal corporatocracy with systems that are sustainable for the planet and equitable for all of humanity.

It is a very sacred game we are playing here on earth. Each of my pieces can function as a touchstone, a cairn, a talisman, for soul retrieval, for awakening, for the journey back to remembering. I think of each as a miniature navigational atlas to the unseen, the unheard, the unknown: the world behind this world.

“…there is a thinking in primordial images, in symbols which are older than the historical man, which are inborn in him from the earliest times, and, eternally living, outlasting all generations, still make up the groundwork of the human psyche..wisdom is a return to them.”

-C.G. Jung

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Exhibition  25 May 2023 - 29 Jun 2023  Paradox Found. Treasures by Kim Nogueira.
Exhibition  01 Dec 2022 - 30 Jan 2023  Old Meets New and New Narratives.
Exhibition  30 Apr 2022 - 29 May 2022  Meanings and Messages. ACJ's 25th anniversary touring exhibition.
Exhibition  26 Sep 2021 - 06 Oct 2021  Shape of Nature 2021. Selected artist list announced.
Exhibition  11 Sep 2021 - 30 Oct 2021  Upended Lives: Jewelry in the Age of Covid.
At Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, MA.
Exhibition  24 Jan 2021 - 01 Mar 2021  Surface Matters: Grit or Gloss.
At Georgia Southern University, United States.
Exhibition  01 Dec 2020 - 31 Jan 2021  Talismans and Amulets: Protection in the Age of Covid.
At Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, MA, United States.
Open call  12 Nov 2020 - 21 Jun 2021  Open Call for Shape of Nature.
Exhibition  13 Mar 2020 - 27 Dec 2020  A Cache of Kinetic Art: Tiny Intricacies.
At Morris Museum, United States.
Exhibition  23 Nov 2019 - 30 Apr 2020  Alchemy 5: Transformations in Contemporary Enamels.
Exhibition  23 Nov 2019 - 29 May 2020  Alchemy 5: Transformation in Contemporary Enamels.
Exhibition  18 Nov 2019 - 24 Nov 2019  The 4 Ring Circus.
Exhibition  07 Nov 2019 - 03 Jan 2020  Connections/Connessioni.
Exhibition  04 Oct 2019 - 06 Nov 2019  Tales of the Subconscious.
Exhibition  26 Sep 2019 - 03 Nov 2019  FLAUNT: a showcase of contemporary earrings.
Exhibition  09 Apr 2019 - 13 Apr 2019  LOOT 2019. Mad about Jewelry.

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