Nagisa Yamada

Published: 17.05.2021
Nagisa Yamada Nagisa Yamada


Nagisa Yamada was born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1996. In 2019, she graduated from Kobe Design University, Department of Jewelry & Metalwork, and in 2021 graduated from Kobe Design University Graduate School. Now Nagisa Yamada is working as a jewellery artist based in Japan.


I focus on the natural death and the influence that the bone, which is its symbol, has on others and the world. Through my own production, I would like to discover the significance of production while exploring and studying the ideal way of contemporary jewelry not only overseas but also in Japan.

About Immutable
I think that "death" associated with bones means "end of life" for people. No one knows when they will die and how long they can live. Because it is invisible and uncertain, I turn away from it as a negative factor such as anxiety and fear, and I feel that I am spending my time as unconscious as possible. However, "life" and "death" are not visible, and they are close to everyday life. Also, "bones" always support ourselves in our bodies. I thought it would be great if life, death, and bones, which were separated by just saying that they could not be seen, were accepted as one of the commonplace things in life. From that thought, we have visualized the solid beauty of life and death, which continues to exist in the lives of all people, as jewelry that can exist together by combining it with the beauty of bone shaping.

About Bone -ver.Pelvis-
I think that bone has two meanings. One is the proof of death. Another one is the proof of living. Life, death, and bones are inseparable from our lives. Among them, people have a positive image of living and a negative image of fear and sadness about dying. At that time, I had doubts and decided to make jewelry with a bone motif. Thereby the wearer finds beauty and its value in everyday life, such as "transience of life", "how to use a fixed time", "inevitability of death" and "absolute end". I aimed to express jewelry as an existence that works on my heart so that I can live each day carefully.

About Pick out
For me, memory and time are limited and valuable treasures. Bones are like treasure chests filled with time and memories of living things.
And no one has the same shape, the same memory, and the same time. There is so much jewelry with gems on them because their shine and beauty could attract many people's hearts. And there is a story for each jewel, and there are no identical jewels. I found a common point there.
Then I realized that bone is the thing that attract my heart. I cut out the part that I felt was beautiful. And expressed it like a jewelry fitted with jewels.


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