Nora Sarlak

Published: 25.01.2024


From the vibrant heart of Persia to the artistic soul of Barcelona, Nora Sarlak embarks on a journey of transcendental creativity. Her foray into the world of jewelry began in Iran, nurturing a passion that found further expression and refinement at Escuela Massana. As a contemporary jewelry artist, painter, calligrapher, and film critic, Nora intertwines the abstract with the tangible, crafting narratives that resonate beyond the confines of traditional forms. She is also a PhD candidate specializing in 'Contemporary Aesthetics' at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), merging her academic pursuits with her artistic endeavors. Nora's art, deeply rooted in conceptual exploration, reflects a passionate pursuit of the esoteric and the profound.


As an artist, my journey is a testament to the boundless spirit traversing through realms of form and idea. My contemporary jewelry transcends mere adornment, becoming a conduit of emotional depth and conceptual exploration. Each piece is a fragment of my soul, a whisper of the universe's hidden symphonies.
In my work, the ethereal meets the tangible, creating a dance of light, shadow, and form. Inspired by themes as diverse as the fragility of existence, the resilience of nature, and the complexities of human emotion, my creations are more than jewels; they are stories etched in metal, reflections of my spirit in constant dialogue with the world.
My craft is a bridge between the seen and the unseen, inviting beholders into a space where art becomes a language of the soul, speaking in tones of beauty, pain, love, and transformation. In every creation, I weave a tale of the universe, capturing the essence of life in its myriad forms.

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Fair  28 Sep 2023 - 30 Sep 2023  Contemporania 2023.
Award  01 Oct 2021 - 01 Oct 2021  Enjoia't Awards 2021.
Exhibition  15 Apr 2021 - 27 Jun 2021  Ressonància.
Exhibition  12 Sep 2019 - 20 Sep 2019  Perspectivas en transición.
Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc, Barcelona, Spain
Exhibition  22 Mar 2017 - 06 Jul 2017  Art in the hand.
Atrium of the Goldsmiths Centre, London, UK
Exhibition  01 Jan 2016 - 01 Feb 2016  Touch.
Aghili Gallery, Tehran
Exhibition  01 Jan 2015 - 01 Feb 2015  Paintings and Calligraphic Paintings.
Milad Tower, Tehran  
Exhibition  01 Jan 2013 - 01 Feb 2013  Persian Art.
Embassy of India, Tehran
Exhibition  01 Jan 2010 - 01 Feb 2010  Coffee.
Afarina Gallery, Tehran
Exhibition  01 Jan 2008 - 01 Feb 2008  fine arts.
Talaei Gallery, Tehran
Exhibition  01 Jan 2005 - 01 Feb 2005  Miniature.
Jamshidideh Gallery, Tehran