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Published: 22.02.2024


A new brooch Story I has been added to the artist's profile, which will be shown in the exhibition Tales of Transformation at Munich Jewellery Week.
Sandra Bostock Sandra Bostock


Born in Mexico City, she studied Curatorship and Museography and holds a BA in Business Administration, she was the managing director of a known Contemporary ART Gallery in Mexico City, and during this period, she had her first contact with Contemporary Jewelry and started working with Lorena Lazard in her contemporary jewellery school Atelier Lazard
She works with the Art Collective DI ME DI LO integrated by 7 contemporary jewellers in Mexico, and has participated in several exhibitions in Mexico City, Buenos Aires and New York.


My work refers to the city´s forgotten spaces, where an accumulation of materials and objects that have appropriated the corners between the concrete and the ground can be perceived. The manipulation of materials emulates the decadency of metal, and it forges a visual story about life in the city. Colour and texture become essential aspects of imitating the organic accumulation of urban life, allowing the pieces to express their surroundings and transmit various stories about the body with a similar effect to its source of inspiration.

About La Frontera Series
Migration is a global phenomenon exacerbated by the political borders in our world. People flee insecurity or wars looking for a better life but are confronted with the dangers of crossing the border like extreme temperatures, hunger, dehydration, and physical threats to their lives by other people.
Those who don't make it to the end are often forgotten and remain only as a record or numbers in statistics that measure the human remains found at the border, and it disconnects us from the human loss and suffering.
This information is what we read and receive in the media, yet the graphs do not mean anything to the families that lose children, fathers, and mothers, nor do they help us weight in the true anger, loss, and pain that it leaves behind.
I tried to represent these cold graphs whose number numbers do not convey the emotional weight that these families carry through their pain. This is represented through the weight of the piece and the composition of the bars by emulating a graph but making the emotional weight a physical reality to the wearer.

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Exhibition  29 Feb 2024 - 03 Mar 2024  Tales of Transformation.
Exhibition  17 Nov 2022 - 30 Jan 2023  Coyoacán es una Joya.
Exhibition  10 Oct 2018 - 21 Oct 2019  Dime Dilo, Inedito, Design Week Mexico City.
Exhibition  01 Mar 2018 - 23 Sep 2018  La Frontera: Encounters Along the Border.
Exhibition  10 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017  Dime Dilo, Inédito, Design Week Mexico City..
Museo Tamayo, Mexico City.
Exhibition  10 Sep 2017 - 10 Oct 2019  Reflections, Antique and Rare books collection Franz Mayer Museum.
Mexico City.
Exhibition  23 Jun 2016 - 31 Jul 2016  The unexpectedness of daily life.
Exhibition  11 Jul 2014 - 30 Sep 2014  Entre el subsuelo y el cielo, homenaje a los mineros.
Exhibition  14 Aug 2013 - 15 Sep 2013  La Frontera.